Pillow Talk

  • Programmatic
  • SEM
  • Social Ads

  • The Client

    Pillow Talk is a proudly Australian owned and operated omnichannel retailer, specialising in bed linen and homewares. Having recently celebrated 40 years of business, an impressive milestone in today’s retail climate, Pillow Talk is a true Australian success story that operates nearly 60 stores Australia-wide.

  • The Objective

    Capture a younger demographic through digital advertising and experiment with the full replacement of traditional advertising for six stores. Measure the impact of digital advertising on store sales.

  • The Challenge

    Measuring the impact of traditional advertising on store sales has always been a challenge. Additionally, the younger demographic has become harder to capture through traditional methods.

    The challenge was to accurately measure and attribute the impact of our digital campaigns on offline sales in six stores while increasing sales from a younger demographic.

  • The Solution

    We utilised Pillow Talk’s Club Comfort email membership to track users who had seen a Facebook Ad and then made a purchase in-store.

    Store sales that were connected to a Club Comfort membership were dynamically uploaded to Facebook offline events. We then used the store sales data to introduce Facebook custom and lookalike audiences to our campaigns. Therefore, we were able to increase reach, improve ad relevancy, drive more in-store sales, and boost ROI.

    The stats below show the uplift in results as we ran the campaign from November 2018 to January 2019.

  • 50%

    increase in store searches

  • 4.5 +

    ROAS (return on advertising spend)

  • 40%

    of tracked sales were made by 18-34 year olds (younger demographic)

The Result

Digital allowed us to tap into a younger demographic with a stronger long-term lifetime value for Pillow Talk. This audience has become harder to capture through traditional advertising.

Our digital campaign experiment achieved a strong ROAS and all test stores hit their budget. Therefore, we showcased that with a strong attribution tracking process, digital can in some circumstances, completely replace traditional advertising to drive store sales.

Having partnered with Alpha Digital for several years we no longer see them as an agency, but as an extension of our team. Always at the forefront of digital marketing and proactively innovative with new concepts and ideas, they continue to drive and deliver exceptional results for our omnichannel business. It is a pleasure to work with a company that go above and beyond their requirements and operate with such high integrity.
Eliza Goddard
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