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We’re a digital marketing agency, specialising in eCommerce. Our data-driven team brings together a premium suite of digital advertising services to help your eCommerce business thrive, flourish, and convert. We’re proud to have worked with clients throughout Australia, from start-ups to large international players.

Get the odds stacked back in your favour

We combine a super motivated bunch of data-driven, strategic, and technical minds across our advanced digital experience and digital performance services, and we’re well accustomed to the unique challenges of today’s digital landscape. The online market is crowded and it’s never been easier to compare products online. That means that digitally native customers tend to be price-sensitive and creating customer loyalty and repeat purchases can be difficult. eCommerce businesses have also never had so much data at their fingertips, yet they are starved for insights.

Integrated eCommerce strategies

Our market-leading, granular campaign structure is a key driver of success in all of our PPC accounts. Supplement that with a diversified mixture of seasonal campaigns, agile short-term promotions and re-targeting ads, and you’re set up to drive brand awareness and capture sales. Loyalty initiatives, email marketing, and compelling content will also take your eCommerce business to new heights. We craft an integrated digital marketing approach for our clients using our specialities in PPC, display and programmatic advertising, social media advertising, Google Shopping, Video and Youtube advertising, retargeting, SEO, content, and lifecycle marketing.

Feel The Difference with Alpha Digital

We’ll never set and forget. Here at Alpha, we’re all about continuously testing and optimising. We identify high performing keywords, audience segments, and search trends, then leverage your data across campaigns. Guided by deep data insights and an exclusive suite of proprietary tools – we create seamless customer journeys. Our eCommerce strategies are custom designed to fit with your business goals while funnelling your customers from awareness to consideration, purchase and advocacy.

Work with a Google Premier Partner

With eCommerce experience dating back to 2002, we’re on a mission to teach, empower, and guide our clients to navigate the complex digital landscape. Our youthful and ambitious team says at the cutting edge of an ever-evolving digital market, to lift brand recognition, revenue, and ROI. By working with a Google Premier Partner you can rest assured that we meet Google’s highest standards of client retention, account quality, expertise, training and certification. We believe in long term partnerships and are driven by outstanding client growth.

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