Conversion Rate Optimisation & UX.

Conversion Rate Optimisation & User Experience (UX) Testing

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a science that couples consumer psychology with digital experience to help you convert more of the users on your site into customers. The CRO process is one of constant and never-ending improvement: we continue to tweak, test and optimise your digital properties to improve sales or bring you more leads.

Finding a baseline for measuring improvement

CRO is only as good as the data behind it. That’s why we use custom tracking implementations to make sure we can see every point of data as your users move from prospect to customer on your site. We’ve also developed proprietary in-house reporting tools and use advanced testing software so you can feel confident our strategies are built on actionable insights that deliver real results.

Getting to know your user and applying Psychology

Before we jump in to testing different versions of your site against one another, we conduct user testing to better understand how users navigate your site, what’s working well, and what could use some improvement. In addition, our in-house Psychologists apply psychological principles to ensure tests are optimised for consumer behaviour and cognitive theory. As part of our process we run both qualitative and quantitative user testing to get the most well-rounded picture of your users, their needs and their pain points.

Convert more users to prospects and more prospects to customers

Mapping and analysing conversion paths

This is the next step to understanding your users. We combine the findings of our user testing with insights collected using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to best understand how your users become prospects and your prospects become customers. After the initial data is collected and analysed, we identify the lowest hanging fruit to improve conversions for your site.

Using A/B testing to improve conversion rate

Once we have an idea of what your users like and what’s troubling them, we get down to planning how to best overcome those challenges. We rely heavily on split testing to trial new ideas. This method of rigorous testing with real users allows us to compare minor or major changes and measure how these changes influence your users’ behaviour – which means we only commit to changes that we know will deliver the right results.

Improving user experiences for your site

Whether it’s implementing a frictionless product to checkout process or mapping out a product details page, we use our in-depth domain knowledge and broad experience in UX (user experience) when planning your site’s architecture and smaller UX interactions. It’s these types of frictionless experiences that support brand loyalty and keep users coming back for more.

Usability Testing / User Experience Testing

In addition to conversion rate optimisation, we can also deploy a range of usability testing to identify optimal website design based on user feedback. This can include card sorting or tree testing (identifies or validates optimal site navigation), first click testing, brand surveys, moderated or unmoderated remote and in-person user testing.

Convert more users to prospects and more prospects to customers

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