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Customer-centric email strategy

Frequency and recency are key ingredients to a successful customer lifecycle marketing strategy, and one of the most effective ways to consistently reach customers is through their inbox. Our automation, content and data analysis skills will ensure that your email marketing strategy is insight-led and customer-centric.

Strategy first

Whether you’re looking to drive repeat purchases, reduce cart abandonment or nurture leads, our team will prepare an email marketing strategy that’s aligned with your marketing goals and your customer’s needs.

Every decision is made with you and your brand in mind—from the selection of your Specialist to the delivery of your email marketing plan. Our client onboarding involves an in-depth discovery process, and you’ll find that working with us is a totally personalised experience from day dot.

Always be testing

At Alpha, the testing never ends. It’s how we approach every service we offer. When it comes to email marketing, we’re committed to iterative testing at every stage of the funnel. We’ll do more with your data, generating insights that help move your customers from lead to loyal brand advocate.

Unlock the power of the inbox

Let's not play favourites

Our email marketing team is platform agnostic, with experience in major platforms including Klaviyo, Dot Digital, Salesforce, Emarsys, Campaign Monitor and HubSpot. Already have an email marketing platform? Perfect, we’ll plug right in. Think the grass might be greener? We can help you migrate to a platform that’s right for you.

Working together

We find relationships work best when we have the opportunity to integrate with your in-house team and other agency partners. Whether you have the skills to supply your own creative, write your own copy, set your own schedule or none of the above, our in-house creative team is here to help. We play to your strengths (and we play nice too)! 

If you’re flying solo, that’s not a problem. The combination of our expert creative team and our partner network means we have the creative chops to manage your content from start to finish.

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