Reporting & Insights

Opportunities, not just reports

Our reports go beyond just looking back at last month's statistics, they are designed to surface new opportunities that would otherwise take days to find with manual analysis.

Customisable Dashboards

Want to know exactly how many phone calls your search campaigns are generating? We can give you a live report.

Keen to see which marketing channel is driving the most e-commerce sales? Find the answer quickly in our custom reports.

We can report on any of your digital goals and use the insights to drive your ongoing strategy.

Our digital marketing agency always stays accountable and you can check in on your custom reports monthly, or even weekly.

A Fresh Perspective

We combine all of your data sources into one simple, custom report. 

  • Stay in the loop on the metrics that matter to you
  • Monitor your digital marketing data in an easy to read format
  • Stop sifting through multiple data sources and save time
  • Sleep well at night knowing the correct tracking methods are in place
  • Uncover new growth opportunities

Featured Clients

Start your journey

Gathering data is easy. But sifting through the abundance of information for actionable insights is a whole other story. We hone in on the metrics that matter to you and report on them every month. Don’t waste time digging through your Google Analytics platform. Gain real insights with our custom reporting dashboards.

We pull through your data into custom reports, that quickly show how your digital experience, SEO, and paid advertising campaigns are performing against your business goals.

  • We use Power BI Dashboards and Data Studio to combine data from your Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, Google My Business platforms, and more. 

  • We can find out how much revenue new keywords could drive for your business. Many of our clients also like seeing how much traffic is coming from branded versus non-brand searches. Our dashboards also expose conversion roadblocks on your website. The opportunities are endless and we are always happy to create a custom report for the metrics that matter to you.

  • Yes! We provide examples to anyone interested in levelling up their analytics

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