Reporting & Insights.

Marketing reporting that actually means something

Digital marketing agencies are renowned for delivering reports that are nearly indecipherable. We do things differently. Our reports (which are typically informed by custom tracking solutions) are less about presenting vanity metrics and more about showing you areas of opportunity for continual improvement. Your data tells a story that we interpret for you.

Customisable dashboards

Similar to our custom tracking service, our reporting dashboards are highly customisable. This means we can highlight the data that matters most and has the biggest impact on your business – all of which makes your own internal reporting process a whole lot easier. Working together with our clients, we determine which metrics can be tied to which goals, then make sure all that data is at your fingertips.

The value of digital marketing reporting

Based in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, our digital marketing teams create reports that work for you. We make your digital marketing metrics easy to read, highlight important and relevant data, tie it back to real-world business goals, then help you integrate it with your other campaigns.

Report on the metrics that really matter

  • We use Power BI Dashboards and Data Studio to combine data from your Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, Google My Business platforms, and more.

  • We can find out how much revenue new keywords could drive for your business. Many of our clients also like seeing how much traffic is coming from branded versus non-brand searches. Our dashboards also expose conversion roadblocks on your website. The opportunities are endless and we are always happy to create a custom report for the metrics that matter to you.

  • Yes! We provide examples to anyone interested in levelling up their analytics

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