Customer Lifecycle Marketing.

Decode the journey

Customer journeys are cross-device and cross-channel, increasingly fragmented and continuously interrupted. Decoding a customer’s decision-making process has become increasingly complex, and for this reason, implementing a robust lifecycle marketing strategy has the potential to deliver true competitive advantage.

Strategy that makes sense

Our email marketing specialists are highly skilled and passionate about seeing your business grow. We create data driven email marketing strategies and content that resonates with your customers to increase brand awareness and revenue. It just makes sense.


Our email marketing/marketing automation campaigns start with your customer. Who are they? What drives them to purchase? What are their barriers? We want to know everything there is to know. Through analytics and customer segmentation, our email marketing strategies will educate, inform, and keep your brand top of mind.

Understand how and why your customers make decisions

Every journey begins with awareness

A good customer lifecycle marketing strategy relies on a healthy stream of new customers, and our team can work with you to establish lead generation strategies that keep the top of your funnel fresh. The right combination of channels will help ensure your brand is part of your customer’s initial consideration set.

Consider this

The consideration stage is when your brand is most vulnerable, with new distractions at every turn. Between competitor activity, third-party reviews, network recommendations and influencer opinions—keeping customers focused can be difficult. We’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge? With the right lifecycle marketing strategy, our team will make sure your brand doesn’t get lost in the noise.

Loyal for life

It’s every marketer’s dream; a loyal customer that purchases again and again, shouting your brand’s name from the rooftops. We know that the post-purchase phase is critical to unlocking customer lifetime value, which is why our lifecycle marketing services are focused on helping you build a relationship with your audience now, and into the future.

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