Content Marketing.

Stay front of mind with content marketing

Content marketing is a discipline of digital marketing that entertains, delights, and informs your customers. We use content marketing to help you reach new audiences, engage with your existing ones, and encourage your customers to come back to you again and again

Building trust with your customers

Content marketing takes advantage of the opportunities your marketing touch points provide. Users buy from organisations they trust, which is why reaching your audience with clear and consistent messaging that builds authority in your area of expertise and adds value is so important.

Consistency and content marketing

It’s one thing to create content and another to create something that resonates with your customers and supports your business’s values and goals. Defining a clear tone of voice, personality and goals for your brand and maintaining those across every content touchpoint is critical to building trust and maintaining brand loyalty.

Earn your customers’ trust with content marketing

Our content marketing offering

Creating content for content’s sake is an ill-advised marketing strategy that rarely (if ever) pays off. To achieve results, you need to provide your audience with content that has real, tangible value. That’s where we come in. We can help you to produce engaging, informative content across a wide range of formats.

By creating a suite of valuable tools and helpful content tailored to your customers’ interests and pain points, you can build equity for your brand and keep your business top of mind. 

Content Projects

Whether your content project is modest or mammoth, we use our content know-how to achieve your business goals. From small projects to large-scale content overhauls, our creative content is search-friendly and data-driven.

Social Content Marketing Services

Create scroll-stopping content in a ‘snackable’ format to users across social touchpoints. Form a strong brand community and entice audiences to learn more about your idea via other channels with targeted, engaging and creative content.

Email Content Marketing Services

We create data driven email marketing content that resonates with your customers to increase brand awareness and revenue. Through analytics and customer segmentation, our email marketing strategies will educate, inform, and keep your brand top of mind.

Website Content Marketing Services

Content that converts. Create compelling website content with a human touch that connects with customers, reaches new audiences, and is discoverable by search engines. From attention-grabbing blog content creation to optimising existing on-page copy, our full-funnel approach to website content is both data-driven and insight-led.

Blog Content Marketing Services

Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into an existing blog or invigorate your website with brand-new blog capabilities, our attention-grabbing blog content strategy is data-driven and consciously crafted to connect with new and existing customers.

Reaching your audience

Creating quality content is key – but it doesn’t just end there. Getting your content seen and read by the right people is equally critical for content marketing success. We call this process of pushing your content out to your existing and new audiences – amplification – and there are plenty of ways to accomplish it. Advertising, social media, digital PR, email – there’s no single method that’s right for amplification. It’s all about matching the strategy to the content and the audience – which is where our skills come into play.

Content marketing in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Our specialist teams, located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, are experts in the art of content ideation and marketing. We can help you to foster brand loyalty, drive email subscriptions, raise your online presence, and engage with your audience in more meaningful ways

Create content that fosters brand loyalty and repeat purchases

  • Content marketing is a long-term digital strategy that aims to generate attention and interest in your brand. It involves creating relevant content like blogs, email or whitepapers and sharing it where your target audience hangs out. Valuable content marketing to helps position your brand as a wise and interesting friend that’s always top of mind when ready to buy. 

  • A content marketing strategy is a holistic roadmap that details how a brand will use its content to achieve marketing objectives and broader business goals. Primarily, a content marketing strategy features the creation, distribution and promotion of relevant content to attract, engage or retain a specific audience.  

  • Content marketing is important as it enables brands and businesses to connect with their audiences at critical points in their decision-making process. As consumer journeys are fragmented and complex, sending the right message at the right moment involves robust planning and disciplined implementation. That’s where content marketing comes in.  


    Alpha Digital can help you craft a content strategy that considers audience intent at each stage of the decision-making process. 

  • The primary benefit of content marketing is it can contribute to marketing objectives and business goals. This can involve a broad spectrum of outcomes relevant to different stages in the funnel from increasing brand awareness to engaging audiences, generating leads, boosting online visibility, driving purchases or educating customers. At Alpha Digital, we can collaborate with you to create a comprehensive content marketing strategy that works to achieve your goals as a business.  

  • Digital PR is the process of generating online buzz and gaining backlinks from other websites. Backlinks also increase your domain authority and can improve your SEO rankings.

    Our Australian content marketing agency finds out where your customers hang out online, and then inspires those sources to talk about you. That means you get qualified leads sent through to your site while improving your SEO rankings.

  • Duplicate content is content that appears on the internet more than once. When similar content appears across the internet, Google doesn’t know which version is more relevant to rank. To provide the best search experience, it will only try to show the original piece of content. That means that your duplicate page can drop off the search listings.

    That’s why it’s important to create unique content. You should use 301 redirects and canonical attributes where duplicate content has occurred naturally.

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