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Simplify lead generation success

Whether you’re prospecting for a new sale or looking to build a customer mailing list for your e-commerce store, Alpha Digital’s speciality is in developing an action plan to ensure a healthy stream of new customers.

First contact

The first step to converting valuable customers is to stimulate their interest during the research phase. You want to be reaching the right people and setting them up for conversion further down the line. Whether it’s through search, social or other channels, we’ll help you find and reach your prospects. In some cases, the strategy can be trialled on a small sample before being applied to the entire target segment. Once the audience has been identified, our work is to develop an on-going digital strategy for the right channels that ensures you see a return on your investment.

Keeping top of mind

Rather than implementing a passive approach, nurturing your leads is an ongoing task over the course of the customer lifecycle. Unless you’re offering a low-involvement purchase product, it is highly unlikely that your customer will convert at the first contact with your brand. For a B2B business where the customer cycle is significantly longer than B2C instances, the number of touchpoints required is significantly higher before they are ready to convert. Through our digital experience and paid media expertise, we can employ ongoing SEO, CRO, social media and remarketing strategies that keep you at the top of the customer’s mind. Once they are ready to commit, you are primed for easy recall and eventual conversion.

Enhance your lead generation strategy for better results

Partnering for success

Lead generation success is often heavily reliant on buy-in from many stakeholders. For example, sales may be required to assist in narrowing down the appropriate audience, while your customer service specialists might report on feedback received for factors such as website experience and overall service delivery. We’ll work with your team to harness these insights, in addition to our own industry experience, to deliver highly tailored strategies and tactics for your business.

Revising results

The key to lead generation success is continually reviewing the performance of your campaigns, minimising deviation from your overall goals. Depending on the length of your product or service consideration stage, we’ll need to continually revise performance to ensure that we are keeping prospect engaged throughout their journey. Regular reporting and communication is vital, and we’ll ensure that we work with your internal sales and marketing teams to not only achieve improvements in the volume of leads, but the quality too.

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