Roof Racks Galore.

  • CRO

  • The Client

    Roof Racks Galore has been a Queensland institution within the auto-accessory sector since 1989. Their network has expanded aggressively to 6 store locations across Brisbane and the Gold Coast in the last four years.  

    Roof Racks Galore are experts in the sale and installation of awnings, roof top tents, water sport accessories, racks and everything in between. Stocking all major brands, Roof Racks Galore supplies to a range of customers from business to recreation. 

  • The Objective

    Roof Racks Galore have been partnered with Alpha Digital since 2020 with their primary focus on the eCommerce component of their business. Their key objective was specifically to create a website that provided the best experience for the consumer within the automotive accessory industry.

  • The Challenge

    Primarily, the challenge facing this eCommerce focused objective was the  outdated digital structure of the website that had been incorrectly indexed by Google in addition to a confusing user journey. This hurdle needed to be overcome efficiently to support customers forced to shop online in the context of COVID.  

    The other challenge that arose was the unique nature of their customer’s behaviours and interactions on the website, that were distinct to the roof racks retail industry’s customer journey.

  • The Solution

    To respond to the unique challenge of the roof rack industry customer journey, we developed our client solution by reconceptualising our UX assumptions with curiosity-led testing and innovative strategy. We took a special focus on a funnel approach, looking at each key stage in the customer journey including the home page, vehicle filtering tool, category pages, and product pages.

    Starting on the homepage where many users make their first impression, we tested different ways to optimise elements above the fold. It was predicted that by determining the optimal combination of elements at this stage, there would be more interactions with the banner, guiding users to the next stage in their journey and by extension would increase transactions. 

    This test demonstrated the success of displaying top selling products in this prime visual real estate, which is not always the case for many eCommerce websites. We found that this helped to indicate the great value and competitive pricing of the Roof Racks Galore product range. In turn, this increased user confidence and led to more conversions later in the shopping funnel. 

    The next set of tests streamlined users’ ability to use the Fit My Vehicle tool; to easily view the results that were most relevant to them. By adjusting the CTA hierarchy and design elements, we were able to increase the flow of users viewing category and product pages. 

    For the third section of the user journey we focused on optimising the category pages, looking to remove the amount of visual clutter and helping users find their desired product. We found that an over-complicated filtering system was getting in the way of conversions and distracting users. By testing an improved method of filtering functionality and design, we were able to increase the flow of users to product pages as well as transactions.

    We also conducted multiple rounds of testing on the product page which allowed us to understand what worked best for Roof Racks Galore’s customers. We found that in contrast to retail eCommerce best practices, emphasising key unique selling propositions and the call to action was preferred over an emphasis on price. This allowed users to focus on the product’s value and made them more likely to convert.

  • 26.03%

    forecasted revenue increase

  • 20.3%

    forecasted increase in CVR

  • 4

    stages of the user journey optimised

The Result

On the homepage, compared to the original, the variant design which included a “best selling products” module increased the overall CVR by 9.55% and generated 18.7% more revenue. 

By streamlining the functionality of the ‘Fit My Vehicle’ tool we were also able to guide users to the next stage in their journey, increasing the amount of users making it to a product page by 6% without any negative impact on users being able to find relevant products.

By designing and developing a simplified filtering experience on category pages we were also able to encourage product views and increase transactions by 1.77% – similarly demonstrating that removing clutter for a more aesthetically pleasing design did not negatively impact users’ ability to find relevant products.

Finally, by redesigning the buy section of the product page we were able to improve CVR by 7.38% and revenue by 7.33%

Overall, this series of experiments shows that by looking at the big picture and considering each stage of the user journey, we were able to drive significant growth through a cumulative forecasted CVR improvement of at least 20.3% and a cumulative forecasted revenue increase of at least 26.03%. Not to mention how this effect will be bolstered by an increase of users making it to each later stage of the funnel.

The great thing about working with Alpha Digital is that when we don't see the results we expect to see, the team encourages us to get curious together, especially - and we've had this conversation lots of times, to understand why something is happening. Why is a customer doing this? If it doesn't immediately make sense, so let's go and dig a bit further.
Tim Martin, Director
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