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July 28, 2023

Embracing Culture and Reconciliation: Artwork by Kushla Houkamau

It is with great pleasure that Alpha Digital announces the commissioning of the stunning piece of art “Maiwar” by the accomplished local artist Kushla Houkamau. Kushla, a proud Quandamooka Woman of the Noonuccal Mob, created a piece that honours the rich history and traditions of the original owners of the land on which our Brisbane office is located. As we aim to integrate history, storytelling, and art into our work ethos and pave the road for a culturally inclusive future, this program is a crucial step in our reconciliation journey.


The Significance of “Maiwar”
For the Turrbal and Yuggera people of this region, the Brisbane River’s traditional name, “Maiwar,” has great historical and cultural significance. The illustrations perfectly reflects the essence of this historic river. Kushla’s artwork illustrates the bond between people and the nature via brilliant colours and minute details, encouraging a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of this area.

Honouring the Traditional Custodians
By commissioning “Maiwar,” Alpha Digital acknowledges and respects the original inhabitants of the area. The Turrbal and Yuggera People are recognized by Alpha Digital as the Traditional Owners and as the custodians of the lands on which our office is located. We would like to spread awareness about how important it is to recognize and respect the traditional owners of the lands we use for our operations by exhibiting this artwork.

Embracing Reconciliation
Alpha Digital’s journey towards reconciliation is strengthened by initiatives like the commissioning of “Maiwar.” This dedication extends beyond a mere artistic endeavour; it influences the very way we approach our work and interactions, embedding a deep sense of respect and inclusivity.

About the artwork
Maiwar is depicted as an eel which is one of the totems of the Turrbal people, with the long and curvy spine depicted running through it. The people running alongside Maiwar represents the traditional custodians of the land gathering on country and looking after Maiwar. On the bottom right is the sand goanna, one of the totems of the Yuggera people. The goanna can be seen between the mountains moving from one to the other, representing the past and ongoing journey of the people of this land and moving forward. In the top left we have Alpha Digital coming together as a team starting their journey working on country together with the traditional custodians of the land. As you follow along on the journey the companies four core values are represented. There is an additional meeting circle between Maiwar and the goanna, further showing the companies progression to working respectfully on the Turrbal and Yuggera lands.

The four core Alpha Digital values are represented as followed:
Bold: Is represented by a person in the middle, being bold and encouraging the same of their community. They bring people together and surround themselves with others to lift up those around them to continue being bold and courageous.

Curious: Is represented with a symbol of community, and people gathering around it. On either side is that person who is interested in getting to the heart things. They follow the interwoven connectedness within community and engage with others and their surroundings. They’re always eager to learn more from their Elders and do more within their community.

Integrity: Is represented by having a yarning circle between Elders. Elders are our knowledge and truth holders and guide us when we start to waiver. They represent honesty and acting within to what is right, not what is easy. Because of this, our Elders are respected within community and continue to guide us.

Helpful: Is represented by a womens yarning circle and a jarjum yarning circle. Noonuccal mob is a matriarchal mob, therefore they are our knowledge holders and pass down this wisdom to the younger generation throughout their journeys. They guide the young ones on their journey and foster growth and learning.

Maiwar sml

Kushla Houkamau: The Artist Behind “Maiwar”
Kushla Houkamau’s is an up-and-coming artist. As an Indigenous artist, she has dedicated herself to preserving and promoting her cultural heritage through art. With “Maiwar,” Kushla masterfully incorporates her ancestral knowledge, artistic vision, and connection to the land, creating a mesmerizing piece.

Inspiring Change and Growth
It goes beyond design to incorporate “Maiwar” into Alpha Digital’s environment. It stands for a dedication to incorporating cultural sensitivity and understanding into the very fabric of our company’s values. We hope to instil a lifelong appreciation for Indigenous culture in both our team members and our clients through projects like this one.

Alpha Digital is honoured to unveil “Maiwar” by Kushla Houkamau, a remarkable art piece that celebrates Indigenous heritage. As we embrace reconciliation, we aspire to continue learning from the rich cultural tapestry of this country and build a future that cherishes and respects the traditional custodians of the land.

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