B2B Marketing.

We know business

The needs and behaviours of individuals making buying decisions on behalf of businesses are nuanced — and very distinct from those of individual consumers. Great care must be taken to avoid treating B2B buyers like just another consumer in the marketplace. To ensure that we are actively reaching the right decision makers within business complex structures, we evaluate their unique purchase journey and deploy highly targeted marketing tactics, underpinned by our deep knowledge of digital channels.

Know your audience

Unlike individual consumer buyers, the biggest difference is the unlikelihood of business audiences to make decisions based on emotion. Most B2B decision makers are driven primarily by rational factors - features, benefits, price, return on investment, etc. We take a deep-dive into your ideal buyer's pain points and business challenges to identify their motivation and at which stage of their digital journey they are most likely to convert. Our B2B marketing strategies target your audience when they are most receptive, considering context, environment, timing and behaviour.

Prepare for the long run

We understand that businesses need to balance short-term results with long-term growth. With B2B purchase journeys generally longer than that of consumer products, sit tight and leave the hard work to us. From awareness to decision, one parallel with the individual consumer journey is the unpredictability of each stage of a B2B sale. As a partner marketing agency, Alpha provides you with regular analysis and insights, while continuously pursuing new opportunities to support your digital growth efforts.

Take your B2B marketing strategy to the next level

Educate to motivate

Your audience is looking for information to support and justify their purchase decisions to their varied internal stakeholders. No two pieces of B2B marketing material are the same, so we create engaging online experiences and help you develop the right marketing collateral and content assets to support your product offering. This can range from the technical - a whitepaper highlighting recent industry advancements - to a simple integrated content plan showcasing the best of what you have to offer.

Active listening

These lead generation tactics can only be successfully implemented with real-time responsiveness. When it comes to results, we’re most interested in seeing who is actively engaged with your campaigns and providing these insights back to you for future optimisations. Using the most recent data, we’re continuously iterating our campaigns at every stage of the buyer journey to ensure targets and objectives are being met. If bigger and better is how you like to work, the Alpha Digital will get you there.

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