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The needs and behaviours of individuals making buying decisions on behalf of businesses are nuanced — and very distinct from that of individual consumers. As a result, great care must be taken when it comes to marketing for B2B clients. To ensure that we are actively reaching the right decision-makers within often complex business structures, our B2B online marketing agency evaluates the unique customer journey and deploys highly targeted marketing tactics, underpinned by our deep knowledge of digital channels.

Know your audience

Unlike marketing to individual consumers, you need to have a deep understanding of the B2B buyer’s motivations. Business decision makers must be able to back up their purchase decisions to key stakeholders. Trying to rationalise an impulse buy in the boardroom is no easy feat and we wouldn’t quite call looking for a new partner or supplier ‘shopping therapy’. That means that organisational buyers use ration in their decision making. They have to closely evaluate features, benefits, price, and return on investment, while doing their best to put their emotions aside. We dive into their pain points and industry challenges to appeal to those rational decision-making factors throughout the digital journey.

Prepare for the long run

We understand that businesses need to balance short-term results with long-term growth. So with a longer purchase journey than individual consumers, sit tight and leave the hard work to us. As a truly partnered inbound marketing agency, Alpha provides you with regular data-led insights and reporting analysis, while continuously pursuing new opportunities to support your digital growth.

Take your B2B marketing strategy to the next level

Educate to motivate

Your audience will be looking for information to justify their decisions to a range of stakeholders. No two pieces of B2B marketing material are the same, so we create engaging online experiences and help you develop the right content marketing collateral to support your offering. Whether it’s piquing their interest with a whitepaper on social media or developing a targeted B2B search marketing strategy to ensure you are present when they are ready to convert, we ensure that your target audience is receptive to your business and increase the saleability of your brand.

Active listening

Successful B2B marketing requires real-time responsiveness. We work collaboratively with you, providing insights on who is actively engaged with your campaigns while listening to the types of audiences you want to attract as your business grows. Using the most recent data, we continuously optimise our campaigns at every stage of the buyer journey to ensure that your targets are objectives are being met. Long-term business growth is a long uphill climb, rather than a sprint. By regularly aligning our marketing campaigns with your business as it grows and evolves, we ensure that we are hitting every key milestone with you.

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