Franchise Marketing.

Driving success at a local level

The franchise model brings with it many unique challenges, and it takes a specialised approach to marketing strategy to grow your brand as well as all of the businesses under your umbrella. At Alpha Digital, we draw on our extensive client experience in the franchise space to drive success for each franchise owner, while ensuring our strategy ties back to your overarching company goals.

Consolidation works

Franchising represents one of the most dynamically growing sectors of the economy. However, one of the primary pain points faced by franchised businesses is how to successfully consolidate all marketing activity under one direct management plan. We'll embed ourselves in your business, working with the relevant contacts to ensure that we're taking a holistic, strategic approach to managing your digital marketing budgets and output.

Consistency is key

With so many players involved, we know how difficult it can be to manage your identity across business units, locations and channels. Whether or not you have an asset management platform available to you, we'll work with you to find a process that ensures consistency. Effective management of your approach, messaging, look and feel between franchises helps you present a unified front, and avoid the appearance of a patchwork of loosely connected businesses.

Make your franchise marketing more effective

Community matters

When working with franchises, it is crucial to treat each local area independently and understand the nuances between each operating area. Where possible, we will look to ensure that we are driving all activity from a localised perspective. This will usually entail the consideration of a focused content/SEO strategy that speaks directly to the distinct markets. Aside from optimising targeting, it is essential to build brand awareness, new networks and in generating ongoing business.

Compromise where needed

How do franchisees ensure that they are being seen, rather than feeling like a small cog within a much larger mechanism? Feedback is extremely important in the franchise marketing strategy cycle, hence the need to maintain close relationships with each business owner. Alpha Digital takes a co-operative style to develop a marketing strategy that brings all parties to the table where possible. A holistic approach also provides for crucial customer feedback and results to be fed back to the franchisor, establishing confidence in the digital journey.

Franchise marketing in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Our team of more than 30 multidisciplinary digital experts are highly experienced in understanding the unique needs of our clients and their business. Reach out to us if you want a franchise marketing agency that moves digital forwards without applying a one size fits all approach.

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