Stone & Wood.

  • Paid Media

  • The Client

    Stone & Wood are a brewing company born & raised in Byron Bay NSW. From humble beginnings of 3 mates putting their heads together to create a brewery who did things differently, they are now a national household name known for their delicious range of craft beers. 

  • The Objective

    Stone & Wood came to us with the task of helping relaunch one of their key products, Cloudy Pale Ale (formerly known as Cloud Catcher). We were tasked with devising a digital strategy to promote the reborn beer across social media channels with assets created by Monster Children, in harmony with key messaging rolling out across traditional above the line marketing channels managed by UM. 

  • The Challenge

    We were faced with the challenge of increasing salience and mental availability of the new product, which is difficult when the brand is so synonymous with their original core beer, Pacific Ale. We also had to be wary of maintaining the laid back brand image and premium product quality of Stone & Wood, by ensuring we were reaching users in tasteful placements at a frequency that supported our goals, but didn’t overwhelm. The goal posts were up, the rules were laid out, but what was our game plan? 

  • The Solution

    Our Meta advertising strategy was devised to maximise brand awareness & product recall across Australia, aligning with growth targets across various geographies. We utilised three campaign types: Max Reach for broad exposure & +1 reach, Max Video Views to optimise video impact, and Max Brand Awareness to enhance recall. Budget allocation reflected geographical goals, with custom location targeting around top bottle shops based on historical sales data. Leveraging machine learning and existing customer data, we built Lookalike audiences to reach ideal consumers. Creatives included static images and 6/15-second videos, strategically deployed across campaigns: static for Max Reach, video for Max Video Views, and a combination for Max Brand Awareness. We coupled the campaign with a brand lift study from Meta to measure the impact of our advertising across test & control audience segments. 

  • Double-digit

    percentage increase in sales

  • 4.6%

    increase in unaided ad recall

  • 2.9%

    increase across standard brand awareness

The Result

You can lead a horse to cloudy pale ale, but can you make it drink? Yes, yes you can. As a result of the robust approach to brand awareness across Meta Ads, Cloudy Pale Ale successfully relaunched and noted a double digit percentage increase in sales, as well as a +4.6 percentage point increase in unaided ad recall and +2.9 percentage point increase across standard brand awareness. 

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