G.J. Gardner Homes.

  • Lead Generation

Nurturing the long home-building journey through targeted digital touch-points.

  • The Client

    G.J. Gardner Homes is a household name throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA. They make home builds memorable for all of the right reasons and have built a reputation for reliability. They build homes to a fixed budget, ensuring all costs and requirements are laid out upfront. It has been our job to recreate this seamless customer experience online, guiding prospective clients through a frictionless home building journey with ease.

  • The Objective

    This calendar year, G.J. Gardner Homes set us a challenge to double lead volume year on year. To achieve this, we needed to redesign its existing digital marketing strategy. G.J. Gardner Homes had leant on traditional marketing channels for years, and we have been building its digital growth roadmap from scratch, equipping it to meet the digitally empowered customer’s needs amid the coronavirus crisis.

  • The Challenge

    It takes a special type of person to decide to build their own home, persisting through the 19-month planning process until the four walls come together. Knowing that it will take time to see the fruits of our labour, we invite G.J. Gardner Homes’ National Marketing Manager to work from our office every week to design his long-term digital marketing blueprint. Our challenge is to understand and unpack the complex home building journey with data, while our core strategic philosophy has been empathy with the customer across all digital touchpoints.

  • The Solution

    We started with a new website that allows prospects to search through G.J. Gardner’s home building options far more easily – whether they are seeking a knockdown and rebuild or picking from a suite of display homes – we serve them relevant content. We have also onboarded a new CRM and email management platform, and integrated G.J. Gardner’s first party data with our performance campaigns. Whether a customer is looking for a knockdown rebuild or a custom home, this digital framework delivers relevant content at timely points throughout their planning journey.

    To be truly empathetic to the customer – we have also listened to market data. During lockdown, we knew that customers were planning for their future homes more than ever because real estate traffic, on-site, and social engagement rates were soaring. We advised G.J. Gardner to maintain its advertising spend to fill the gap in the media landscape, while creating a sense of normalcy by sharing helpful content about the HomeOwner Grant.

  • 221%

    increase in leads Jun-19 vs Jun-20

  • 57%

    increase in return visitation Jun-19 vs Jun-20

  • 9.31%

    market share in March, up from 7.35% in February 2020

The Result

Amid the coronavirus crisis, we increased market share from 7.35% in February to 9.31% in May 2020 and are now achieving our highest lead volumes to date. As lead volumes have flourished, our strategy has progressively gained opt-in from the national franchise network and G.J. Gardner’s digital presence is becoming a united front. Our calendar year 2020 target was to double leads and comparing July-19 to July 20, our unified, nationwide franchise strategy has increased leads by 221%.

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