• Customer Acquisition

  • The Client

    HUSTL. is an Australian-owned and operated workout studio in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, and an online platform with local and international reach. Combining progressive Pilates with resistance strength and circuit training, and five new classes per week, the program is designed to keep participants inspired and on track. From high energy to relaxation classes that can be completed at the gym or in the living room, HUSTL. has a workout style that is suitable for all levels of fitness.

  • The Objective

    HUSTL. partnered with Alpha Digital in March 2021 to acquire new customers for its newly launched online platform. Since the brand already had a loyal following on its Instagram and strong site engagement, we set out to reach new audiences and expand market share. We introduced a more strategic approach to paid advertising and organic social while leveraging the brand’s existing popularity.

  • The Challenge

    HUSTL. was looking to elevate its position in a competitive and fast-growing online fitness market, so we needed to ensure that our messaging across all channels was consistent, aligned with the brand, and nurtured all phases of the marketing funnel to transition users into conversion. HUSTL. is also a Byron Bay-born business and although they had begun fostering awareness in other areas such as the Gold Coast, we needed to raise awareness across the rest of Australia since the online platform could offer extended reach.

  • The Solution

    To acquire new subscriptions and increase market share we introduced a full-funnel approach across our paid and organic social strategy. Initially, we trialed different campaign objectives and messaging, as well as a variety of organic social content pillars to introduce target clients to the brand, inform them of the benefits, and encourage them to sign up. Our messaging also tapped into new fitness trends that emerged throughout COVID-19. Many people transitioned from attending gyms and in-person classes to working out from the comfort of their own home, so we placed the benefits of working out from home front and centre in our campaigns. Once we found the right mix and results grew, we scaled our advertising spend and began to introduce new channels into the mix, such as Google Ads to capture more in-market audiences and Pinterest to capture fitness enthusiasts.

  • 39%

    increase in new users

  • 274%

    increase in new subscriptions

  • 62%

    increase in direct revenue

The Result

Comparing June 1 – August 31, 2021, to March 1 – May 31, 2021, we generated a 274% increase in new subscriptions, alongside a 62% increase in direct revenue. By resonating with fitness movements and inspiring the target audience to work out from home, paid activity drove approximately 30% of all subscriptions in the second period, with a 955% increase in subscriptions period on period. Organic social activity drove approximately 27% of all subscriptions in the second period, with a 355% increase in subscriptions period on period and we are now also partnering on an email marketing strategy to build on the results and enhance retention.

As COVID-19 hit, we moved away from our bricks and mortar fitness strategy and developed a digital offering. We quickly realised that we needed an agency that could help us capitalise on the momentum and demand of online fitness classes with high level strategic, analytical, and digital support. From the first phone call and subsequent meetings, through to our growing relationship today, our partnership with Alpha has been powerful. Being a start-up, we are very protective of the brand and have knowledge gaps. Alpha was very helpful at navigating this and bringing about the best for HUSTL. while empowering us along the way. The insights from the team have been invaluable to our growth and Alpha Digital is an important part of our future growth plans.
Deb Summons, Co-Founder & Director
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