Greencross Vets.

  • Lead Generation

  • The Client

    Greencross Vets is a national organisation of vets, nurses, and receptionists who strive to provide the best possible care for their patients. While the brand has an incredibly strong nationwide presence, they also need to compete with local practices that have a loyal client base.

  • The Objective

    Our objective was to outperform these local clinics in paid and organic search and maintain healthy booking levels across Greencross Vets’ clinic network. We predicted that integrated and localised campaigns supported by an increase in ad spend would help to fill bookings, and a ‘Local Marketing Boost’ test was set up for underperforming clinics. We knew that our segmented campaigns would generate a higher cost-per-acquisition, but our equity over equality philosophy ensured that we would drive bookings for clinics that need them the most.

  • The Challenge

    People were spending more time than ever at home during COVID-19 and searches for pet care were soaring. Along with the spike in search demand came an increase in competition and we needed a local area marketing investment review to ensure that Greencross Vets would stay ahead of the market. The spike in demand also sparked a shortage in the supply of vets, so we needed to focus demand generation on clinics that had the capacity to take on bookings.

  • The Solution

    Using third-party SEMRush data we showcased the disparity in competitor spending and advised on a search budget that would be more reflective of Greencross Vets’ size and ability to compete with local practices that were spending thousands of dollars more in their area. A three-tiered matrix to organise clinics by low, high, and medium priority according to occupancy rates was introduced and our search campaigns were built around it monthly. Low occupancy clinics were promoted with highly segmented brand and generic paid search campaigns, location-specific call extensions and landing pages, as well as Facebook awareness campaigns. On-page optimisations were also completed by our digital experience team to enhance conversion rate, organic rankings, and minimise acquisition costs. Clinics with strong occupancy rates were given a consolidated and streamlined account structure for cost efficiency.

  • 54%

    increase in online bookings

  • 241%

    increase in phone clicks on-site

  • 493%

    increase in calls from ads

The Result

With a 205% increase in paid search spend, the above year-on-year results were tracked from April 1st 2020 to March 31st 2021. While it would have been easy to streamline our search campaigns and showcase efficiency with lower acquisition costs, we made a conscious decision to deliver bookings to the clinics that needed them the most. We also helped Greencross Vets to maximise the client experience by accurately targeting and matching clients to available vets during a challenging time of vet supply shortages.

Working with Chris, Clare, Adam and the Alpha team was a pure joy and a collaboration rarely experienced. We had a unique marketing challenge to solve across our national network of Vet Clinics and the Alpha team worked tirelessly to understand our challenges and turned their back on how things had always been done. They successfully implemented a constantly moving strategy to accommodate our business need, namely matching client demand in specific local markets where we had a sufficient supply of vets. Their expert ability and agility to ensure a program that could adapt every month to changes in vet supply and consumer demand led to amazing success.
Angelo Ziaziaris, Marketing Manager Vet Services
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