Michael Hill.

  • Programmatic

  • The Client

    In 1979, Sir Michael Hill and his wife Christine opened their first jewellery store with a simple yet groundbreaking vision: to make fine jewellery accessible to everybody. 40 years later, Michael Hill has more than 300 stores across Australia, New Zealand & Canada. 

    From 1979 until now and into their future, Michael Hill’s commitment is to create jewellery made with a focus on quality, responsibility, and authenticity. 

  • The Objective

    Whilst sales of diamond products was the ultimate goal, we wanted to stimulate a long-term reappraisal of Michael Hill as a brand, and elevate the prestige of a Michael Hill diamond.

    There was a massive opportunity to broaden the purchase occasion of diamonds from bridal and engagement into so many other life events, including as gift giving and self-purchase.

    This meant pivoting our activity to focus on engaging and powerful campaign imagery, rather than talking price or promotions.

  • The Challenge

    Diamonds and engagements are so closely coupled it’s extremely difficult to have this kind of message cut through the clutter of other brands with bridal advertising.

    By purposefully utilising a darker colour scheme, including background, styling and make up – we were able to de-couple the association with the stereotypical white wedding dress.

    This creative style was only possible through a rich-media asset, with the ability to transition our copy into the asset as the user scrolled through the page.

  • The Solution

    Alongside the creative agency, CHEP Network, we partnered with Playground XYZ to develop jaw-dropping and thumb-stopping creative that would capture the eyes and hearts of potential customers. 

    We customised our publisher list to align with our growing audience – young, fashionable and environmentally conscious women. These websites included the likes of Vogue, BAZAAR, Urban List, She Finds and many more.


  • 400%

    higher attention time than standard display

  • 650%

    stronger click-through-rate than standard display

  • 32 days

    total attention time

The Result

The inspired approach to a rich-media strategy smashed all benchmarks for previous campaigns, and against industry averages for a standard display campaign. 

Overall, the campaign achieved 400% higher attention time than standard display, 650% stronger click-through-rate than standard display and 32 days of total attention time.


Our audience loved our fresh approach to well-designed & mobile-first creative, and we are now well positioned to turn that brand engagement into brand love.
Michael Garlick, Marketing Manager
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