• SEM

  • The Client

    Born in 2001, DISSH now has a number of stores across Queensland and a flourishing online boutique shipping worldwide. With 80% of collections designed in-house, our client edits the trends to give the urban girl everything she needs in her wardrobe.

  • The Objective

    Increase the efficiency of DISSH’s Google Shopping campaigns. Drive an increase in new users, revenue, and Return on Ad Spend.


  • The Challenge

    DISSH operates in the dynamic and extremely competitive retail market; trends are short-lived and fickle, competition is fierce, and price can be a significant driver for their customers. Our challenge was two-fold; firstly, to increase the efficiency of their Google Shopping campaigns and free up time to work with on their overarching eCommerce strategy. Their stock also moves from full-price to sale quickly, greatly impacting the conversion rates of each online category.

  • The Solution

    We devised a dual approach:

    1. Smart Shopping advertising was implemented across the full product range.
    2. Regular Shopping advertising was focused on high stock products and top 50 sellers.

    Therefore, we could closely monitor and push well-stocked product lines, while also leveraging Google’s AI to manage the rapid stock turnover.  Google’s automated bidding was used with a combination of Target Cost per Acquisition and Target Return on Ad Spend on the regular shopping campaigns, and Maximise Revenue was used in our Smart Shopping campaign. We also used first-party data sets to find audiences similar to our high-value customers.

  • 172%

    Increase in New Users

  • 136%

    Increase in Revenue

  • 92%

    Increase in Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

The Result

Our use of Google’s AI-driven products (Smart Shopping & Automated Bidding) and core Shopping campaigns allowed us to easily manage the dynamic product mix and bid much more effectively. As a result, we grew revenue, reduced average costs and increased traffic and impressions.

These strategies increased Google Shopping Revenue by 136% year on year and lead to the client’s highest ever year of online revenue. Importantly, our approach allowed us substantially more time to work with the client on their overall eCommerce strategy, cementing ourselves as a trusted advisor.

We have seen amazing results through our partnership with Alpha Digital. Our account manager has continually offered us informed recommendations that have yielded positive results and growth in our acquisition strategy
Bianca Birgan, Sales & Marketing Manager
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