City Beach.

  • SEM

Increasing traffic and revenue through automated segmentation and personalisation.

  • The Client

    City Beach is an omnichannel retailer specialising in surf, skate, and street fast fashion. From humble beginnings, City Beach is now an iconic Australian brand with stores in Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast and they have one of the largest eCommerce fashion sites in the country. We have worked with City Beach on their paid search strategy for over 3 years.

  • The Objective

    In 2019, we set a 20% year on year increase in revenue from Google Search and Shopping Ads, as well as a 20% increase in paid traffic to City Beach’s website.

  • The Challenge

    In order to drive additional traffic and revenue, from heavily optimised campaigns, we had to devise a creative solution. Our KPIs were to:

    • Increase revenue by 20% year on year
    • Increase paid traffic by 20%

    We knew automation was the key to success, as it would allow us to increase budget efficiencies and conversion rates.

  • The Solution

    Smart shopping was implemented alongside automated bidding (Maximise Conversion Value). The effects were two-fold: we freed up time that would have been spent manually creating campaigns while also reducing costs, as smart bidding allows us to pay the right amount for the right user. Responsive Search Ads were also used in search campaigns to increase click-through rates and ad relevance which, in turn, would reduce cost while increasing traffic volumes.

    This ultimately would allow us to achieve targets with the same spend and freed up time to work on other strategic priorities such as increasing in-store traffic.

  • 27%

    increase in paid search traffic

  • 19%

    Average CPC reduced by

  • 21%

    Google Ads revenue increased by

The Result

These results compare October – December 2019 to the previous year, and our tactics allowed us to hit and exceed targets over the crucial Christmas period. Therefore, we are entering the new year with new strategies and City Beach’s confidence.

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