Uppercut Deluxe.

  • CRO

Utilising CRO to optimise the customer online experience.

  • The Client

    Uppercut Deluxe is an Australian born men’s grooming brand, proudly made with only the finest ingredients. Over 13 years, the brand has primarily grown by wholesaling to barbershops. They came to us seeking to expand their digital presence and increase direct-to-consumer sales.

  • The Objective

    We quickly set out to increase their eCommerce conversion rate, which was sitting at 1.2% from January 1st to June 30th, 2019. By monitoring shopping behaviour through Google Analytics and hotjar, we identified that we needed to focus our efforts on cart abandonment issues on mobile devices. Therefore, we set out to improve their mobile cart experience and increase revenue through a series of split tests.

  • The Challenge

    Uppercut Deluxe’s website was difficult to manage, with site speed and theme functionality issues. Therefore, we deployed our design changes through Google Optimize, which easily allows us to send visitors to different design variants of a website while integrating with Google Analytics goals.

  • The Solution

    The cart was not clearly visible on the mobile version of the website. It was hidden in a hamburger menu which used the text ‘cart’ rather than an icon. Through Google Optimize, we created a design variant which placed a shopping cart icon in a header bar, where it was far more visible. Over 38 days, mobile revenue was 16.7% higher on the new design variation than on the original. Users were also 1.3 times more likely to click on the shopping cart icon.

  • 39%

    increase in eCommerce conversion rate on mobile devices

  • 35%

    increase in revenue on mobile devices

  • 10%

    increase in average order value

The Result

The above data compares our testing period (Sept 24th, 2019 to Oct 24th, 2019) to our pre-testing period (Aug 24th, 2019 to Sept 23rd, 2019). Uppercut Deluxe’s website has become a viable (and major) source of revenue. Through further CRO experiments, we have now lifted their eCommerce conversion rate to 3.1% (Oct 25th – Jan 24th, 2019) and they are expanding their B2C strategy.

The team at Alpha Digital have been incredible to work with. They have been essential in helping develop our B2C approach and creating a new revenue stream. The Alpha team have worked incredibly diligently to continually meet and exceed targets, approaching new challenges with an open mind and positive attitude. The results we have achieved since beginning work with Alpha are extremely positive and have us excited for the future. We're lucky to work with an external partner that brings the same passion to the business as our internal staff.
Paddy Goddard, Global Marketing Manager
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