Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

  • Paid Media

Using Facebook and lookalike audiences to extend music beyond the concert halls.

  • The Client

    Queensland Symphony Orchestra is an Orchestra For Everyone. Whether you are completely new to live orchestral music or a devoted fan – their mission is to connect you to the love of music-making. Recently, they have set out to extend music beyond the concert halls and are using digital advertising to increase accessibility to their live shows.

  • The Objective

    Their objective was to promote and broadcast an entire concert live to Facebook for the first time ever. Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s mission is to get as many eyes and ears onto their magical live performances. Therefore, reach, impressions and additional ticket sales were the key objectives for their livestream.

  • The Challenge

    Much of the Orchestra’s target audience is an older demographic who are difficult to reach through digital channels. Considering that their goals were to reach as many people as possible, it would have been easy to have fallen into the trap of selecting a Facebook awareness campaign that wouldn’t generate engagement or ticket sales.

  • The Solution

    We created a dedicated Facebook event page so that Queensland Symphony Orchestra would have a direct channel to notify interested listeners of the start of the livestream. It was also a tangible and informative platform that their audience could share with friends.

    Queensland Symphony Orchestra also needed to target a wider geographic area, which meant we needed to reach brand new audiences. Therefore, we used Facebook lookalike audiences to find listeners who had a similar digital footprint to the Orchestra’s existing audience. This was also layered with orchestral and show-specific interest targeting.

    We also selected an Event-Responses campaign which was optimised to generate RSVPs from people who were most likely to engage with the event. As a result, we reached and engaged with a high volume of relevant and interested audiences.

  • 26,664

    users reached

  • 63,232


  • 354

    event responses

The Result

We brought Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s livestream to a high-volume of new listeners who would normally have to overcome physical or geographic barriers to experience a live concert.  Furthermore, 73 ticket sale checkouts for the physical concert were generated.

2019 marked our first year of broadcasting an entire concert live to Facebook. It reached over 50,000 people and we know that a good part of that reach was due to the excitement generated in the lead-up to the stream. We’re very grateful for the proactive approach of Clare Farrugia and the Alpha Digital team. Not only did Alpha increase interest in our livestream, they help generate more sales to the QPAC event itself. It was a great effort, and we look forward to continuing our work with Alpha in the future.
Matthew Hodge - Director of Sales & Marketing
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