• Online Revenue

  • The Client

    Petbarn is one of Australia’s biggest pet retailers with over 178 stores Australia-wide. The company has an omni-channel approach and sees this as one of their biggest advantages over pure-play competitors. Petbarn have a big focus customer experience as evidenced by their great work around loyalty and acquisition.

  • The Objective

    Increase total online revenue for the 2017/2018 financial year by 100% while improving online to offline attribution and outcomes.

  • The Challenge

    We knew we had a steep challenge ahead of us with the lofty goals that were set – especially because we were starting on them half way through the financial year. We also had the added challenge of working with a highly customised website that provided some challenges around site speed, customisation, and access.

  • The Solution

    Click through rate – The first area we saw for improvement was click through rate. With some relatively good positions on important keywords, we knew that an important task would be to get people clicking on our client instead of competitors within the search results. We improved this by increasing the prominence of USPs and adding clarity to meta titles and descriptions.

    Technical improvements – The next task in our list was to get technical SEO elements up to scratch. Unlocking a number of technical challenges allowed us to compete far more effectively for a wider range of searches.

    Business intelligence and advice – Although our primary engagement is for SEO and PPC services, we found ourselves in a position to gain insights and data for Petbarn outside of the typical scope. Custom tracking and reporting was employed to uncover areas of price sensitivity, common out of stock occurrences, and user frustration tracking.

    Long-tail searches – The massive range of products offered by the company mean that there are a wider range of searches that they can possibly appear for. Our work around long-tail keywords for ecommerce categories and products allowed us to capture significantly more motivated users. Similarly, attracting more users through the blog can be heavily attributed to the uplift.

  • 125%

    Uplift in blog traffic

  • 80%

    Year on year online revenue uplift

  • 67%

    Year on year organic revenue uplift

The Result

We executed on-page and technical SEO tactics at scale to yield quick results for Petbarn. Rather focusing on vanity keywords, we targeted highly specific, niche search queries to capture the highest quality traffic.

By taking over the search engine real estate, we drew clicks away from Petbarn’s competitors and increased their revenue.

Our speed and efficiency in executing the SEO basics gave us the leg room to dive deep into Petbarn’s data. Petbarn now enjoys using ecommerce insights to advise inventory allocation and pricing across their retail stores.

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