• Paid Media

Increasing revenue by using customer data for search advertising.

  • The Client

    Petbarn is an omnichannel retailer that specialises in all things pets. They believe every pet deserves to have all the care they need to live a healthy, happy life. They are on a mission to put more care into pet care and ensure all pet parents have an integrated customer experience where they choose how to shop. It can be shopping online from a desktop, tablet or mobile device, or in a store and the experience would be seamless. It is their choice!

  • The Objective

    Increase online revenue through paid search by:

    • Increasing new users
    • Increasing non-brand traffic
    • Reducing average costs and finding new efficiencies
  • The Challenge

    Our client was the market leader in it’s vertical, however, their online pure-play competitors were becoming increasingly aggressive. Cost Per Click was going up and conversion rates were dropping.

    The business responded with strong promotions as they flexed their discounting power. However, twelve months into our engagement, the business switched from being promotion driven to a customer value-based model. No longer able to rely on promotions, we had to find new ways to grow revenue.

  • The Solution

    Create hyper-relevant search campaigns:

    1. Starting with our client’s own brand terms, we implemented target impression share bidding with a limited budget. The aim of this was to drive down average cost while maintaining traffic volumes and revenue.
    2. We then diversified existing search campaigns by expanding generic terms. Dynamic Search Ads were implemented with ‘Maximise Conversions’ automated bidding to identify new niche terms that were driving conversions at the new price points. These campaigns were then layered with first-party data in order to identify existing (and find new) high-value customers.
    3. Search Term Reports were also used to identify converting terms from which to build out new campaigns.
  • 23%

    Increase in New Users

  • 60%

    Increase in Generic Traffic

  • 67%

    Increase in Revenue (Year On Year)

The Result

Our approach resulted in our client’s own brand Cost Per Click decreasing 60% and Return on Ad Spend increasing 134%. With budget freed up from the brand terms campaign, we created new non-brand campaigns and increased non-brand revenue 37%. The new strategy worked so well that the channel showed huge growth and delivered a 67% increase in revenue, year on year.

Alpha Digital runs at a very fast pace, so having a partner that is both agile and hands-on, means we can quickly shift focus together. The team has been driving incredible results for us, with record-breaking weeks, and significant ROI increases. It makes a tremendous difference knowing that we are in a safe pair of hands of a trusted partner
Evelyn Kipriotis, General Manager of Memberships and Customer Experience
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