G.J. Gardner Homes.

  • Social Media Management

Creating community and business value through social media marketing.

  • The Client

    G.J. Gardner Homes is proudly rated Australia’s number one home builder and most trusted building network.  They recently celebrated 35 years of business and now have over 120 franchisees operating around the globe. G.J. Gardner is committed to providing customers with the best experience when building their new home and continues to strengthen their reputation for reliability and trust.

  • The Objective

    G.J. Gardner appointed Alpha Digital to grow its Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram channels. By sharing their latest home designs and innovative use of space, our goal has been to inspire customers at the beginning of their home building journey, while increasing website traffic and online enquiries.

    We also set out to introduce social media tracking so that we could set clear success measures and adopt a test and learn approach from day one. While G.J. Gardner’s National Marketing Manager is our main point of contact, there are multiple stakeholders who need to receive monthly social reports and gauge performance metrics.

  • The Challenge

    G.J. Gardner consists of multiple franchises, many of which were managing their own Facebook pages. Numerous Facebook pages also weren’t connected to the national Facebook Business Manager, posting was not streamlined, and there were minimal social guidelines.

    Prior to Alpha Digital’s management, the account had:

    • No unified social channel strategy or consistent brand message across all locations.
    • No UTM tracking or social success measures, which meant they could not connect published content to website behaviour and enquiries.
    • Underutilised channels, such as Pinterest: a visual discovery engine that drives referral traffic than websites such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Reddit combined.
  • The Solution

    1. Streamline: We started managing the national page across Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, identified 12 universal home designs to share, created content pillars, and determined the optimal posting schedule. Consistent guidelines for setting up a Facebook Business Page, copywriting, scheduling, and community management were also created for individual franchisees.
    1. Measure: We implemented UTM tracking across social posts so that we could accurately measure on-site behaviour, goal completions and enquiries for each channel.
    1. Inspire: We creatively repurposed existing blog content and brand collaborations with The Block. For example, an article called “58 questions to ask a builder before signing contracts” was repurposed into 10 Instagram stories, Pinterest infographics and easy to digest Facebook posts. Clear calls to action, such as enquire now, head to the website, or view our display homes are consistently used to drive business results and brand value.
  • 20%

    increase in Instagram followers in 3 Months (June 24 to September 24)

  • 22%

    growth rate in Facebook page likes in 3 Months (June 24 to September 24)

  • 15%

    increase in Pinterest impressions (April to June, vs. January to March)

The Result

Building a home is a major life decision and G.J. Gardner’s customer journey is long. We quickly identified that providing inspiration from the beginning of the home-building journey was imperative. The Alpha Digital team devised an organic social strategy that engages, educates and converts consumers. We have expanded G.J. Gardner’s social community, created a unified brand front, and started to directly measure online enquiries through organic social.

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