• Paid Media

Launching eCommerce and expanding market share through paid and organic search.

  • The Client

    Superga is an international footwear brand with a 100-year-old reputation for quality. Leveraging a strong reputation in Italy, Superga expanded to Australia in 2018 with the launch of the Superga Australia website.

  • The Objective

    Superga partnered with us in November 2018 to grow their direct to consumer sales through their new eCommerce platform. Since their brand already held a strong reputation, we set out to leverage their brand awareness, expand their market share, and drive immediate profitability to justify further digital investment.

  • The Challenge

    Superga shoes are sold through some of Australia’s largest and most competitive retailers. While we wanted to capitalise on the growth of eCommerce shopping, we also needed to ensure that we were not competing with their stockists for high cost audiences. As the Superga Australia website was new, we also had minimal historical data and learnings.

  • The Solution

    From day one we set up advanced data integration across their SEO and performance efforts; powered Google and Facebook’s AI with our best practice, granular campaign structures; and set up clean audience segmentation and astute targeting so we could adapt to changing consumer engagement as the brand grew.  We also restructured category pages on the website to improve the landing page experience and reflect user searches and demand more accurately. 

    By January 2020, we had gathered plenty of historical data and could gauge how much additional market share we could capture. We grew the customer base by 30% between January and May 2020 and built lookalike and similar audiences to expand our reach. This gave us a measure of audience sizes and high value segments, and we adjusted our budgets to capture the highest opportunity customers by market size. We also used advanced bid policies to maintain profitability while also focusing on customer acquisition.

  • 753%

    Increase in Total Purchases

  • 198%

    Increase in Google Organic Search Traffic

  • 87%

    Increase in Google Ads ROI

The Result

Over the past 18 months, we have significantly bolstered Superga’s customer acquisition efforts and positioned the website competitively.  By providing accurate data, scoping opportunities, and communicating value, we have minimised the roadblocks that can limit revenue growth. Our data-led approach has expanded their customer database and increased overall revenue by 192% year on year (January – May 2020 vs January – May 2019). 

Working with Alpha Digital has been a great experience from the beginning. Coming into the digital landscape with very little experience they have taught me so much about everything from Facebook ads, through to the best colours for conversion and the importance of the perfect piece of copy. The team are absolute experts in their fields and are happy to answer any question at any time of the day or night. The success our business has had across digital could not have been achieved without the support and work of the Alpha Digital team.
Lucy Quartermaine, Marketing Manager, Trend Imports
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