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Become an online authority in your industry

Position yourself as an industry leader and grow your business with a market-leading content approach.

Build trust with content

Customers are looking to buy from companies they trust. To achieve this they are looking for customer-centric content that informs, inspires, engages, and entertains their needs.

Our content marketing team in Melbourne takes a uniquely creative and data-driven approach to content marketing strategy, allowing you to build brand trust and ultimately drive your business’ growth.

Our Melbourne Content Marketing Agency

Our Melbourne content marketing team analyses your competitors to find content gaps you should be ranking for. Through our listening tools, we can stay on top of trending search trends and social media conversations to find where the next opportunities for your brand are.

We optimise your content to be ‘search friendly’ and shareable, applying best practice along the path. Our integrated agency team can also promote your content through paid social and influencer channels for maximum visibility, using audience insights and customer data for remarketing.

Support the sales funnel

Use targeted content to strategically push your customers through their consideration journey. This includes:

  • Tools
  • Guides
  • Resources
  • Calculators
  • Whitepapers
  • Articles

In addition, our Alpha Digital content marketing and digital performance teams work together to keep you front of mind, while drawing audience insights that can be shared throughout your business.

Digital PR

Our content marketing agency in Melbourne works to get the influencers and publications (that your customers actually care about) talking about you. We use data to find out where your online target audience exists, then use that information to organically source credible backlinks.

By creating highly informative content, your brand encourages social sharing with backlinking to your site. This builds high-quality digital traffic with online conversations generating authority for your business.

Digital PR is most useful for increasing brand awareness and authority in your space, however, it also helps with boosting your SEO ranking for target keywords.

When it comes to delivering an engaging digital experience for your business, trust our Melbourne content marketers.

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Here are a quick list of answers to questions we often get about our content marketing services.

  • Content is traditionally placed at the top of the sales funnel. It builds trust, helping you develop rapport with your audience who will eventually become your customers.

    A consistent schedule of updated content, that is also valuable allows you to increase ranking for branded and non-branded keywords.

    With our Melbourne content marketing team, your content strategy is aligned to drive more website traffic, increase email sign-ups, close sales/leads.

    Our data-led approach, means we analyse insights generated by your website content performance, while also working to retarget the new visitors.

  • Treat a backlink to your site as an endorsement of your content. What it says is that you are an authoritative and credible source of information in the space.

    As a result, Google is more likely to favour websites with a higher number of naturally acquired backlinks.

  • Google is always looking to provide the best search experience possible, therefore it will take this into considerations of its top SEO ranking factors. High-quality (and user friendly) content on your site means the Google algorithm is more likely to present your page on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

    Content can be designed to address popular search queries that raise your website’s visibility, or target ‘long tail’ search queries with a strong intent behind their search. It can draw in your audience during high intent search stages, which means you can attract more qualified traffic to relevant pages on your website.

    You can also repurpose content for social media to increase the chances of customers advocating your website on their own channels. These social shares are another strong SEO ranking factor and a valuable source of traffic.

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