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More than ever, consumers are trusting in social media for brand research.

With new platform capabilities and features being added regularly, brands can take also take advantage of the immersive experiences on offer to deliver on their business objectives.

This is where our Melbourne social media experts come in.

We help put you in front of your customers where they are spending most of their time and take a targeted, data-led approach to nurture them through the customer journey.

Social Media Strategies with Pull

Specialising in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, our strategies connect you to the right customers across a range of platforms.

Pair this with some powerful targeting capabilities and you have a formula for social media success.

Rather than blasting ads across channels, our paid advertising team use the most effective campaign types, targeting and ad formats to reach your audiences. This leads to higher rates of engagement and a stronger ROI.

Drive brand awareness, loyalty, revenue, and leads with our Melbourne social media advertising team.

Working with our paid social team

Across all platforms, our paid social media marketing agency in Melbourne prioritises your business’ goals and KPIs.

This starts with a strategic framework built around the metrics that are important to you, followed by combining platforms, creatives, signal and automation for success.

Our data-lead team are able to leverage asset and audience insights, optimising to put your brand in front of the right audience, at the right stage in their customer journey.

Most importantly, we will never set and forget. Our social team continuously testing and optimising placements, to ensure you get the best return for your advertising spend.

Start seeing real results today with a tailor-made, paid social strategy and custom reporting.

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Be Discovered on Facebook

Facebook advertising allows you to capitalise on the world’s most-used social media channel. The platform uses customer, website, and social data to deliver targeted advertising across a range of formats.

Many customers discover new brands and products on Facebook, and the platform has targeting capabilities to reach them throughout the purchase journey.

Inspire Your Audience on Instagram

Take advantage of Instagram’s unique visual charm and targeting capabilities. Brands can use clever marketing campaigns, video, and product placements that blend effortlessly into the organic feed.

Best of all, e-commerce users can benefit from Instagram’s in-built functionality allowing users to transact within the platform.

Instagram reel ads

Learn more about the latest Instagram feature for advertisers.

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Share Creativity on TikTok

This new paid social media platform boasts a highly active, engaged and rapidly growing audience. With a full-screen experience built for mobile optimisation, TikTok provides an opportunity to co-create highly personal and shareable content with users.

Showcase your brand, benefits and USPs in a light-hearted approach to advertising with direct links to dedicated landing pages.


Be Resourceful on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a valuable environment for professional and social networking. Through this platform, advertisers can capitalise on user’s desire to learn, be inspired and discover useful opportunities online.

It also offers an unparalleled space to share in conversation and brand content that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Capture Users on Snapchat

Snapchat is an interactive camera-based and messaging platform connecting users around the world. With a global audience, it provides international reach for brands in a relatively low-cost, high impact ad format.

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