May 4, 2021

Marketers are overlooking the personal audio experience of podcasting

It’s no secret that audio advertising is lucrative. Over 50 million podcasts were downloaded in Australia last month and Spotify has just made podcast ads available in Australia. Podcast listeners are actively tuned into their favourite niche topics, making audio is a fantastic avenue for brands to diversify their channel mix. However, less than a quarter of agencies are actively making considered placements with tailored creative.

Where listeners have built a deep relationship with content creators, inauthenticity can unsettle their experience, negatively impacting advertisers. This has the potential to damage brand equity and can lower the effectiveness of the media placement.

Our Senior Performance Specialist, Scott McCarthy highlights the benefit of a considered podcast advertising strategy and how brands can strategically align themselves without being disruptive.

Read the full feature on Mumbrella.

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