February 9, 2020

Alpha Digital was a Finalist for 3 Google Premier Partner Awards in 2019

We are extremely proud to announce that we were finalists in three of six categories at the 2019 Google Premier Partner Awards.

There are over 1,100 digital agencies in Australia and New Zealand, and of these, less than 100 are Premier Partners.

Google Premier Partnership is only awarded to agencies who have:

  • Consistently high standard of results for their clients
  • High account quality and complexity
  • Adoption of the latest features
  • High advertising spend
  • Consistently low churn rates

Only Premier Partners can apply for these awards, they are independently judged by Deloitte with Google, and no award entry fees are paid.

With only six awards and a maximum of six finalists per award, we were extremely proud to be a finalist in three categories.

Alpha Digital at the media wall at the 2019 Google Premier Partner Awards

Display Excellence

We used a combination of YouTube, Display, and Search Advertising to nurture Megaport’s long customer journey. Megaport helps businesses all over the world with hybrid, cloud to cloud services – and their lead time is long and complex. By adding YouTube and Display into their search strategy, we dramatically improved their lead quality and conversion rate.

Shopping Excellence

Dissh is a much-loved fast fashion retailer with a high product turnover. This makes Google Shopping management challenging. We implemented Google Smart Shopping and a layered automated bidding strategy to manage the dynamic product mix far more effectively.

Search Excellence

By layering Petbarn’s customer data into their Google Ads campaigns, we targeted both customer and keywords so that they could outpace a flurry of pureplay online competitors and raise some serious cost efficiencies. This was a truly custom solution, given that Petbarn’s Data Management Platform, Bluekai is one of the only of its kind in Australia.

Thank you

We want to congratulate all the finalists and winners for moving digital forward with their expertise, as well as thank our clients for trusting us to experiment and innovate within their campaigns.

Our biggest takeaway from the evening? The agencies in the room, won’t be selected for the same reasons next year. Digital moves at a rapid pace – and we can’t wait to find new ways of generating groundbreaking online growth for our clients in 2020.

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