Pillow Talk.

  • Omnichannel Retail
  • Online Revenue

  • The Client

    Pillow Talk is a proudly Australian owned and operated omnichannel retailer, which specialises in bed linen and homewares. Having recently celebrated 40 years of business, an impressive milestone in today’s retail climate, Pillow Talk is a true Australian success story that operates nearly 60 stores Australia-wide.

  • The Objective

    Our objective was to increase online sales, ROAS and help grow the email database significantly.

  • The Challenge

    Before Alpha Digital began management, the account was generating an approximate ROAS of 101% with only a focus on branded terms. We identified new opportunities with the account as it was missing key revenue drivers such as Google Shopping, Google Remarketing, and a long-tail keyword strategy.

    Much of the account was spending a significant amount of money with low returns. Most campaigns had a broad keyword structure resulting in low quality traffic that was both damaging to the brand and the bank balance. Additionally, campaigns were sending users to broken URLs resulting in a poor user experience and poor ROAS.

  • The Solution

    Campaign Structure – We created a hyper-granular long-tail keyword strategy which helped us create individual campaigns for each product category. This allowed for easy budget allocation to top performing product categories. This was then split down between brand vs non-brand allowing us to allocate budgets for both prospecting and nurturing existing customers.

    Shopping – Through a third party, we developed a shopping feed and introduced multiple Google Shopping campaigns to help accelerate growth. Google Shopping campaigns were then segmented between non-brand, brand and top sellers. This segmentation along with Google’s ROAS bidding strategy allowed us to set individual targets for prospecting and nurturing search terms.

    Traffic Quality – Using a custom built negative keyword frequency tool – we identified low quality broad match keywords such as “gift cards” on existing campaigns saving the account over $10,000 in ad spend.

    Audiences – We introduced custom audiences such as “AfterPay Customers” as we observed these customers provided a higher average order value.

  • 687%

    Increase in Online Revenue

  • 455%

    Increase in Conversion Rate

  • $108

    Decrease in Cost Per Transaction

The Result

A ‘set and forget’ mentality is not an option when clients are paying per click. Through continuous budget, targeting, and keyword optimisations we have driven compelling results for Pillow Talk.

The dramatic increase in online revenue we created was recognised by the Growing Business Online Award from Google. Our rigorous, data-driven approach to their SEM campaigns has also enabled the brand to grow from strength to strength as an online retailer.

Our strategies constantly adapt as the business and their audience grows. The cost of missed opportunities is too high in a competitive industry, so we constantly combine the data insights with our developed expertise to find new revenue sources.

The result? Significant increases in return on advertising spend and business growth.

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