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Programmatic Advertising

Thanks to programmatic advertising, your brand can accurately target audience segments that are most relevant to its business growth. By leveraging programmatic channel planning, you can find your audience no matter where they consume content across the rapidly growing digital world.

Where traditional direct buying has involved individual transacting and sweeping assumptions, the new process of buying media programmatically takes the guesswork out of audience targeting.

Our programmatic advertising agency in Melbourne uses automated technology and AI-assisted bidding to reach your targets before they even know it. Such possibilities for delivering ads cannot be manually replicated in real-time, allowing you to drive growth and cut wasted spend.

Combine this with our credible data pool and expertise– and you’ve got everything you need for the most sophisticated campaigns yet.


How It Works

Programmatic buying allows for ad placements to be bought across multiple channels including video, display, audio and native. With each channel targeting a unique stage of the customer journey, it is important to align your objective with the right programmatic medium. Every time a user visits a new website eligible for advertising, thousands of data signals are collected (including device, location, website, keywords, cookies) and packaged up within a programmatic auction or exchange. These data signals are then anonymously matched against the targeting settings selected by every brand active in the exchange. If there is a match, the advertiser is qualified to compete in the auction, in which the highest bid wins the ad impression. This whole process happens in a matter of nano-seconds and brands can use a range of ad-serving strategies to drive relevance.

The Cookieless Future

As data collection is more regulated, owned data will be crucial in establishing effective audience targeting.

To ensure that their campaigns remain unaffected, our team are working closely with our clients to implement their use of 1st party data.

This allows us to provide long-term attribution while maximising their return on investment.

Why You Should Choose Us

Why trust us with your programmatic advertising in Melbourne?

We’re 100% open with how your media is bought and managed through an innovative network of programmatic technology partners. This extends to our reporting with our custom reporting dashboards allowing you to see how your campaigns are performing.

Our diverse Australian client experience means we can deliver effective campaigns covering a variety of brands and industries.

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Dynamic Retargeting Melbourne

It’s highly unlikely that first-time visitors will convert. In fact, only a small handful ever fully complete their customer journey on the first go.

That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you are re-engaging previous visitors who have already warmed up to your brand. Think about all the unrealised revenue currently sitting in abandoned carts. You have invested in getting visitors to your site and our Melbourne programmatic advertising team can help you keep them.

To first catch their attention, we use personalised messaging and impactful promotions that speak to your audience. To stand out, we add bespoke dynamic and static ads and engaging copy. To ensure your retargeting reaches the right people, your ads are positioned based on your audience’s browsing history and interaction with your brand.

Our Preferred Technology

In addition to our in-house specialists, we also work with a network of hand-picked programmatic solution partners including:

  • Google Marketing Platform
  • MiQ
  • Quantcast
  • Rakuten
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