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More than ever, it is important to grow your business’ online visibility in Melbourne. SEO allows you to strengthen the quality of your website’s visitors and increase the quantity of customers through Google and Bing.

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation works to achieve the best possible overall search ranking your website is eligible for. Potential customers in the search stage are most likely to convert on the first few links presented on a results page. So to capture as much of this traffic as possible, our Melbourne SEO agency works in line with each search engine’s ranking factors.

Every website has different needs and with Google’s ongoing algorithmic changes, we are constantly focused on staying ahead of the next curve. In the competitive organic search landscape, we use a combination of techniques to boost your overall online positioning and convert this into business value.

Melbourne's SEO Experts

As user experience becomes more important for visibility, our complete digital experience offering sets us apart as a Melbourne SEO agency. We collaborate with brands to guide and convert their customers during the search for information.

Our SEO process is completely transparent, with full accountability aimed at boosting your digital sales or increasing leads. We deliver results through a holistic combination of approaches that include:

  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Off-page and authority link building
  • Content Marketing

Our Pillars

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  • Ensuring crawlability is the fundamental element of our Melbourne SEO services. Search engines should be able to access, analyse and rank your site when users are looking for your services.

    Without this in place, poorly implemented technical SEO elements can hinder the ability to see your sites’ value.

    The key elements of technical SEO include:

    • Page speed and Core Web Vitals
    • Information architecture
    • Correct HTTP responses
    • Schema mark-up
  • With billions of searches daily, it is critical to identify your audiences within the search environment and optimise your site in a way that converts them into business value.

    Further to this, we can also leverage trend tools to identify search term viability and how competitive it can be.

    Keyword research can also inform content marketing efforts. Long-tail queries, such as question-based keywords, can form the base for developing an ongoing SEO content strategy.

  • All information available on your websites is considered by a search engine when ranking your website and on-page SEO gives the search engine and users an indication of your site’s content.

    To make your website more attractive in the SERP, optimising for elements such as page titles and metadata can also positively increase the potential for a click-through.

    Written content, imagery, video and even some linking elements are also vital to increasing organic rankings.

  • Search engines understand links as the currency of the internet. While this element of your SEO strategy can happen naturally, a well-constructed link building and earning approach is crucial for successfully ranking in competitive environments.

    Search engines use incoming links from other websites to understand the quality of your website and ranking it based on relevancy. Our expert SEO team only uses trusted sources to position your brand as an authority in the market.

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Our Melbourne SEO Agency will align with your business goals

Our SEO team in Melbourne works closely with you to ensure that your digital strategy is closely aligned with your business goals. We pride ourselves not only on delivering award-winning results for clients but on their measurability every step of the way.

At Alpha Digital, each account manager spends up to 75% of their time on billable client work. The rest is spent on development, training, and research. Every account manager is an expert in their service and has support from technical specialists and executives.


"What is SEO?" we hear you ask. Find out more about our SEO services in Melbourne.

  • Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website more favourable search engines. This results in higher rankings that attract a greater slice of traffic that is in line with your goals.

  • Using a combination of keyword research, on-page and off-page elements, we can position your website to be seen by search engine users. On-page factors include optimising your website’s content pages, site structure and user experience. Offsite factors for SEO are the methods in which other websites link back to your website and boost its authority.

  • When best practice is applied, SEO has been proved to absolutely work. It is championed as an important part of digital marketing strategy by trusted industry sources such as Moz, Search Engine Land, and Robbie Richard. Our SEO marketing in Melbourne can be confidently utilised to increase your rankings, traffic, lead volume and overall sales conversions.

  • Do not expect immediate results from SEO. While there are several factors at play, our Melbourne SEO experts usually see results within 4-6 months. Positive results continue to grow over time to become a long-term traffic source for your business online.

  • SEO costs can vary by agency, however, most implement a range of fee models including monthly retainers, fixed contracts, project pricing and hourly consultations. It is important to be highly aware of your expectations before entering a contract. If an agency promises immediate results or the #1 Google position right away, be very cautious before proceeding.

  • Local SEO is an online marketing approach based on where your prospects are searching from based on the search’s geo-location. Search engines utilise information from sources such as directories (Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google My Business and Bing Places) to easily identify your area and better serve your website to the right audience. Our local SEO team in Melbourne focus on optimising your page to be accurately picked up and served.

  • A keyword is any term or phrase entered by people to find your business online. Our Melbourne SEO team identifies your targets market’s keywords and ensures your website content is well-positioned to match their intentions.

  • When viewing a list of search engine results, metadata are a key differentiator in communicating the content of your website. Meta titles and descriptions should include useful copy elements that help you to both get discovered and encourage visitors to your site.

  • As opposed to paid advertising, this is any traffic that arrives on your website’s landing page through the search engines. Organic traffic is a highly cost-effective strategy to naturally increasing the quality and quantity of your website visits.

  • If it looks like your website has disappeared from Google, there may be several reasons for this. Your website may have not been indexed yet, it may be lacking relevant content or keywords. Your website may have technical SEO issues preventing it from being crawled or been penalised by Google.

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