July 1, 2021

What Google’s page experience update means for your brand

We have all received plenty of updates on the incoming cookieless future, but Google’s upcoming page experience update has not garnered the same column inches. Considering that research suggests e-commerce sites have the potential to be the most impacted, we think it should be talked about more. Preferencing positive user experiences and mobile usability, the two-part algorithmic change takes in real-world data from browsers and performance signals.

The better a website meets ease-of-use guidelines, the more it will be rewarded by Google’s search engine.

As the update rolls out from June through to August, it will be important to work collaboratively with your web developers to identify the opportunities and solutions for your site.

Our Senior Digital Experience Account Manager, Kieran Reed explains the update and how brands can prepare themselves strategically before it fully rolls out.

Find out more in the full feature on Marketing Mag.

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