December 8, 2017

Top 17 Social Posts of 2017

2017 was an amazing year for us, and we loved sharing it with you on our social media! Let’s see which of our posts were most popular (SPOILER ALERT: the magic recipe seems to be girls, parties, money and puppies – who knew?).

#1, #2 & #3 | Girl power

Our ‘Meet the team’ series has definitely been a hit with our audience, but somehow our female staff seem to have outperformed their male counterparts. Lucy, Samantha and Chloe are our leading trio for 2017!

#4 | Our surprise 6th birthday party (Facebook Live)

Probably the only time of the year we used Facebook Live but it sure worked a treat. We surprised our Managing Director Matt on a Friday night at the NEXT rooftop bar where he begrudgingly agreed to come after a very long working week, for what he thought was a dinner with friends. SURPRISE!

#5 | Happy birthday Matt

When our boss takes a day off for his birthday, we take our whiteboard and our team out in the street for a little sneaky photo. #BossAppreciation

Top tip: we recommend zooming on Nick’s face for a little laugh.

#6 | Headspace Day, a day to raise awareness of youth mental health

A few of the ways we try to make our workplace an enjoyable place to come to everyday for our team. Our office culture is a very important piece of Alpha Digital, find our more about our values if you’re interested.

#7 | Money, money, money

Where we reward our team every quarter for demonstrating the values of Alpha everyday.

#8 & #9 | Our Google Tour photo shoot & the reveal of our new office

Visit our new office in the Valley and see if you can spot the twins!

#10 | Terrarium building workshop with Quantcast

Putting our hands in dirt and drinking wine? Sign us in!

#11 & #12 | New office

We sure were excited to show you our new office before and after we moved in!

#13 & #14 | Office doggies

Our office pups never fail to perform on our social channels!

#15 | Search Engine Dating

What happens when you mix all your teams together and give them a topic they know nothing about to pitch in front of everyone.

#16 | Photoshoot day in the office

We loved playing the models for Dylan Evans’ camera and you loved it too!

#17 | Go the Maroons


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