December 1, 2017

Top 10 Blogs of 2017

“The Alpha Digital Vision Statement is ‘To be recognised as Australia’s most highly regarded digital agency by 2020‘ and we are well on our way! 

From small beginnings 6 years ago, we are now breaking performance records for some of Australia’s largest digital advertisers. We have achieved a lot this year: moving into a fantastic new Brisbane office, growing our Sydney client base, expanding the team with highly talented new players, and strengthening our service offering with exciting new digital marketing platforms and strategies. The team has never felt so enthused and confident – we can’t wait to get stuck into 2018!

It feels like we have made it to Everest Base Camp and are now prepped and ready to make the ascent to the summit. But before we do, it’s that time to take stock, look back and reflect on what we learned this year.”

Matt Cooper, Managing Director

Here are our 10 most popular blog articles from 2017.

1. When A Millennial Stays

Written by Matt Cooper

Our fearless leader Matt Cooper takes the number one spot with his article that outlines what can happen when a millennial sticks it out at their job for more than a couple of months. Spoiler alert: some great things can happen! Read it here.

2. An Open Letter From An Ex-Alpha Employee

Written by Chloe Cipra

This blog post from our Head of SEO & Social Chloe is a letter of thanks and praise to Alpha when she moved back to France in 2015, but it still up in the charts! Chloe started at Alpha Digital in 2014, went back to France for a few months, but couldn’t bare being so far away from her team and came back to us. Read more about Chloe’s journey.

3. The Business Case For Ethics

Written by Matt Cooper

As our Managing Director Matt reflects back on the 6 years since Alpha Digital began, he draws upon memories of his late Father, and the influence he had on his ethical foundations. Read more.

4. Google SheLeads 2017

Written by Chloe Cipra

In April this year, our Head of SEO & Social Chloe was fortunate enough to attend the 2017 SheLeads event organised by the Google Partners Academy in Sydney. Here she outlines her key takeaways, as well as a couple of pieces of advice for her fellow women in the digital industry. Girl Power!

5. My Alpha Digital Internship

Written By Chloe Gilroy

In this blog post, one of our past interns provides a testimonial outlining the experiences and skills she gained during her time at Alpha Digital. Read it here.

6. My First 3 Months At Alpha Digital

Written By Chris Schimkat

Our Senior SEO Account Manager Chris (‘Schmacko’) Schimkat reflects back on his first 3 months at Alpha Digital, from the interview process to what he sees the future holds for us as a team. Read more.

7. 10 Proven Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

Written By: Lucy Applegarth

Our SEO Account Executive Lucy Applegarth makes it to the top 10 of 2017 with this article where she outlines the importance of generating an organic social media following on Instagram, and her top proven tips to get you there.

8. SEO Explained… Using Race Cars

Written By Matt Cooper

Have you ever tried to explain a technical concept to someone in layman’s terms? Here, Matt endeavours to explain SEO in relation to race cars. Hop in!

9. The Merits of Mixing Personal and Professional

Written By Brad Gellweiler

Our Business Development Manager Brad outlines how putting extra effort into personalising your professional relationships may seem intimidating, but how it can add value to your work in the long run and work towards building long lasting connections. Read more here.

10. What Do Google and Facebook Know About You?

Written By Samantha Coates

Have you ever wondered how the internet eerily knows what your interests are? Our SEO Account Executive Sam Coates closes the top 10 and investigates how much Google and Facebook really know about you. Check it out!

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