February 22, 2018

Things we Slacked this Week #40

1. This guide to calculate metrics

“I highly recommend this” – Link to article

2. This pic of Peanut

3. This quiz that tells you the best time of day to get certain tasks done

I recently read a book that had some insights on when you are most efficient at specific types of tasks (analytical, creative etc). This is based on your sleeping patterns and it was quite interesting. My results did mimic my personal beliefs and daily routine! this research was funded and ran by the University of Munich just FYI

If anyone is interested in doing the test – try it out here (ignore the cheesy sales of it)” 

Link to quiz

“Once your have your chronotype you can view the comparison and results with the below screenshot” 

4. This article on eCommerce Conversion Optimisation

Link to article

5. Gif of the week


Just a goat taking in the view

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