October 27, 2017

Things we Slacked this Week #26

1. We celebrated Matt’s birthday…without him

“Happy birthday to our big boss Matt  ? ?You are a truly inspirational leader, a kind human being and quite the story teller.
Don’t change a thing!
Love, the Alpha team  ??”

2. This article about encrypted web traffic

“Some stats around HTTPs usage” – Link to article

3. This article about Chrome 62

This is an update that will bring the “Not secure” warning to sites that don’t have an SSL” Link to article

Google Posts

4. Some of us felt more “Calm” this week

“This app is so good for relaxation and has made me more self-aware”  Link to app


5. This article about mobile indexing

Link to article

6. Gif of the week

“What a good boy”

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