July 24, 2020

Sam Wood Becomes Alpha Digital´s CEO and Matt Cooper Focuses His Efforts On Springboard Digital

We are proud to make a very, very big announcement today. Sam Wood has now become Alpha Digital’s CEO, stepping up from his previous role as General Manager. 

Sam started out at Alpha Digital 8 years ago in an SEO role and was our first ever employee. At the time, Alpha Digital was a small, yet promising digital marketing agency. He was offered a wide-reaching opportunity to ‘own’ the business effective immediately when Matt Cooper (our founder) promoted him to General Manager in 2014.

Sam immediately took a deep dive into our systems, service offering, and procedures. By translating our ethics into procedural practice, he envisioned that he could comfortably invest in our people and raise the industry bar. 

‘Success for me is providing a psychologically safe place to work; a place in which people can thrive and be their best selves. By having an almost militant focus on values and culture at the agency, my mission is to ensure that our team is happy and engaged, while delivering the best of the best in digital strategy.’

Since Sam took the reins alongside our expert leadership team, he has helped us to refocus 100% of our collective efforts to helping our clients adapt and innovate amid the coronavirus crisis. 

In fact, the last few months at Alpha Digital have felt like a rite of passage for us all. In the face of uncertainty, our team has flourished from a promising, independent performance agency into a trusted strategic guide – moving our clients, our people, and the industry forward into a brighter future.

By keeping abreast of government announcements, using third party tools like SimilarWeb to gather industry insights, and leveraging our aggregate client data lake for insights and consumer intel, our team has helped our clients to avoid the panic, completely re-imagine their digital strategy, and come out stronger on the other side. 

Alpha Digital is continuing to grow, and we’re extremely proud to have excelled in an environment with all odds against us, with Sam leading the charge. 

Sam’s promotion also brings an exciting announcement for our Founder and previous Managing Director, Matt Cooper. Matt has now become Alpha Digital’s Chairman and is focusing his efforts on developing our small and first time advertiser focused sister agency, Springboard Digital. 

‘Sam has been an extremely capable General Manager navigating us through this challenging time. This comes as no surprise after years observing Sam successfully improving operational efficiencies, building highly effective teams, leading our rebrand and spearheading our Sydney expansion. He has now returned to our Brisbane HQ and I have full confidence he will take Alpha to greater heights as the CEO. 

I will be playing to my strengths developing Springboard and already relishing the start-up phase of this new venture. Springboard is powered by Alpha and brings the highest quality digital marketing to smaller spending clients around Australia and New Zealand’.  

Matt set up Alpha Digital with a vision to create a digital marketing agency that would drive ethics and transparency in the industry. His visionary spirit created our helpful and honest culture, while Sam’s procedural acumen and unwavering focus has driven our consistent and ever-evolving growth. We can’t wait to see what the future holds as Matt and Sam dive into their new leadership roles.

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