February 20, 2018

From Intern to Executive

I started my official position with Alpha Digital at the end of January 2018 as a casual SEO Executive, fresh out of graduating from the Queensland University of Technology the previous month. This was my first “proper” job — not only in the digital industry, but as the first big step in my desired career path — as my previous experience in the workforce revolved solely around hospitality. If I could take just one thing away from my experiences in the hospitality industry, it would be the interpersonal communication skills that are invaluable in almost any profession. For me, this is why Alpha Digital was such an enticing environment — with such great comradery and teamwork, I knew from day one of my internship that Alpha Digital was the place and type of environment I wanted to work in.

The Internship

As a starry-eyed uni student approaching his last semester, I thought now was the time to step up my game. Fortunately enough, I was grouped with one of Alpha’s SEO Account Managers (Kim) for a project, and after hearing about what she did at Alpha and how much she enjoyed it, I thought this would be the perfect place to develop my skills and explore my interest in digital marketing as an intern. After a few emails, phone calls, and interviews, I began my internship in August of 2017 and couldn’t be happier with the experience. I left with my head held high and slightly more confident as I graduated University; leaving the student life and entering the world of adulthood.

The Phone Call

Much like many of my fellow graduates, after finishing university I was working in hospitality to support myself whilst I begun the job hunt. Funnily enough, I was talking to an employee at work about my career path and what my future held now that I’d graduated when my phone began to ring. Much to my surprise it was Alpha’s Head of SEO & CRO, Chris, inviting me to an interview at Alpha Digital! After meeting with Chris about a vacant Executive position, I was offered the position and now here I am!

The First Day

The first day was like I never left, except this time I felt more a part of the team and was even more eager to get started. I was greeted by the team with excitement and fortunately enough they already designed a hilarious desktop background for me to stare at every day. More importantly, the team was welcoming and possessed a patient attitude towards my development, allowing me to settle in and ask question after question. We set my quarterly goals and I was looking forward to learning and growing as part of the Alpha team.

Liam face swap

My new wallpaper that I get to see every day…

The Future

I am quite thankful that I have this amazing opportunity to work in the field I actually studied in whilst I also look forward to see what the future has in store for me and the Alpha Digital team. Although it can be quite daunting, I would strongly encourage interns, uni students, or recent graduates to put yourself out there because you don’t know what opportunities might come your way. It’s not about knowing advanced techniques or abilities, but rather a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

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