March 25, 2020

How To Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategy to COVID-19

We’re all coming to terms with the evolving COVID-19 situation and figuring out how to adapt. It’s difficult to find clarity in the uncertainty – which is why we hosted a webinar this week on the changing media landscape and implications for digital marketing.

Using the information and aggregate data we have available across our resources and client base, we shared a snapshot into the consumer behaviour changes we’ve observed so far:

All forms of digital video have shown growth.

Source: Similar Web

Consumption of online news media is surging as captive audiences are seeking information.

Source: SimilarWeb, 22 Feb – 20 Mar 2020

Consumption of all forms of social media is on the rise in Australia.

Source: SimilarWeb, website data only (excludes native mobile apps). % comparisons compare Friday 20 March with Friday 28th Feb.

Desktop has (re)overtaken mobile in shopping and eCommerce as fewer people are ‘on the go’.

Source: SimilarWeb

Display ad costs are decreasing.

Source: MiQ

You can watch our webinar in full to get a better picture of:

  • How the digital landscape will unfold
  • What the shift in consumer behaviour means for how we should communicate with our customers
  • How to adapt to the new normal

Ultimately there is no universal rule on how to move forward. However, past economic lulls have indicated that brands and companies who maintain a market presence bounce back more quickly. It’s time to be authentic and as helpful as possible for your customers. Do your best to keep up communications given the circumstances.

  • As demand goes down inventory will become cheaper, so there is an opportunity to gain awareness at a lower cost.
  • Maximise your efforts around owned and earned media to continue dialogue with previous customers (email and social).
  • There is going to be a captive audience on which you can test branding initiatives.
  • Try to make investments that will optimise your post-virus situation e.g. projects like SEO, website, and content marketing are ‘evergreen’ and can strengthen your long-term position.

We’re also here to help. Should you need any advice, please be sure to reach out to our team.

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