April 23, 2021

AdNews Live Brisbane wrap up

AdNews Live is a panel event that invites advertising leaders to unpack the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

We were so excited to listen to our Client Strategy Director, Chris Lockwood speak at AdNews Live in Brisbane this week. Chris sat on a panel with Susannah George, Founder and CEO of The Urban List to discuss how brands and publishers were impacted by the news media bargaining code this year, and lessons learnt as the legislation sparked headlines in the industry.

Susannah explained that Google’s near exit from the Australian market and Facebook’s brief ban of news content accelerated The Urban List’s audience diversification strategy. The Urban List has always focused on engaging its audience across multiple channels and the events solidified this philosophy for them.

Chris also started championing diversification strategies with his clients, right back at the beginning of 2020 when COVID-19 lockdowns changed consumer behaviour and caused people to flock to new channels. The test and learn approach he helped clients to adopt was accelerated by the news media bargaining code and he made tracks with the plans he was already creating for clients about trialing video and new channels.

He continues to focus his clients efforts on building brand and mental availability, in addition to buying traffic. He is also helping his clients build direct lines of communication with their audiences, such as email, which don’t rely on another platform or walled garden.

Thank you to AdNews for hosting a fantastic line up of events. We can’t wait to join the line up again for the Melbourne edition of AdNews Live.

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