November 20, 2018

Why You Need Google Tag Manager On Your Website

Google Tag Manager has powerful tracking capabilities. When used in combination with Google Analytics, it helps you to understand the true results of your marketing efforts. In an increasingly competitive marketing space, you need to spend your money where it counts. Data drives great digital marketing by telling you what initiatives to invest in or cut.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Simply put Google Tag Manager is a free tool that allows you to manage all your snippets of code, marketing tags & tracking pixels in one place. It helps you to create tags that send user interaction data from your site to Google Analytics.

For example, with Google Tag Manager you can track which areas of your page are hot spots for clicks, where are visitors dropping off in your sales funnel, and so much more!

In the past, you would have to modify your existing website code (at the risk of breaking your site) or get in line for an expensive developer to install these tracking capabilities! But Google Tag Manager is a user-friendly solution, that allows you to add tracking tags to your site on your own.

In short:

  • No more expensive web developers needed to help
  • All your codes in one place
  • Easily add/remove or modify existing codes on your website

A Diagram of how Google Tag Manager Works

Now that we have covered what Google Tag Manager is, let’s see what it can do for you.

Google Analytics is helpful – but can only take you so far. With Google Tag Manager you can track just about any website interaction you can imagine.

Once you wrap your head around how to set up Tag Manager, get ready to track nearly every bit of powerful data, like form submissions, link clicks, element clicks and more!

We’ve seen some great opportunities to apply Google Tag Manager and make marketing channels more accountable for their results at Alpha Digital.

3 Surprising Uses of Google Tag Manager

1. Weather Based Tracking:

Imagine you’re an airport hotel. You’re probably going to want to increase your advertising spend when heavy storms are on their way. Google Tag Manager can track the weather forecast for nearby travellers and then raise your ads bid – say hello to cancelled flight bookings!

2. Form Submissions:

Having trouble building your e-mail database? Tag Manager can keep track of specific fields in your form to determine where people are dropping off. Weigh up your conversions and determine whether that mobile number field is really worth it. Google Tag Manager will help you identify conversion road blocks and get your website performing.

3. Scroll Depth:

How do you know if people are really reading your blog posts? Session time can be tracked in Google Analytics, but how do you know they haven’t just stepped away from the computer? Get a real measure on reader engagement and set Tag Manager to fire when readers hit a certain scroll depth down your page.

Google Tag Manager Removes the Guesswork

Forget about theorising and gut feelings. You will now know if your Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads or marketing channels are achieving results. With Google Tag Manager set up, you’ll be able to see real conversion goals and metrics based on your exact needs.

It’s About Data Quality Over Quantity!

Tag Manager will track these goals and attribute them to their correct source in Google Analytics. That means you will know how many ‘Book Now’ clicks your Facebook advertising campaign really drove on your website.

With the correct source attribution, you can better allocate your marketing spend.

How Do I Begin Using Google Tag Manager?

To get started, sign up for Google Tag Manager and follow the relevant instructions. Initially, you’ll spend a large amount of time learning how to set it up correctly and reading online. Once you’re past that point, it can unlock endless marketing insights for your business.

Want to start taking full advantage of Google Tag Manager right away? Get in touch with one of our performance experts to boost your online advertising today!

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