April 30, 2020

How to Future Proof Your Brand with Social Media

You’re not the only one feeling a little bit lonely. Consumption of online media has remained high throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boredom is setting in as panic subsides in Australia and people are starting to look for inspiration. Traffic to home cooking and recipe, craft, and home and garden websites is on the rise.

Cooking & Recipe Visits

Source: Similar Web – Visits over the last 8 weeks.

Craft Visits

Source: Similar Web – Visits over the last 8 weeks

Home & Garden Visits

Source: Similar Web – Visits over the last 8 weeks

People are also turning to social media for information. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube consumption are all up 14.37%, 20.05%, and 27.23% respectively.

Consumption of Social Media is on the Rise in Australia

Source Similar Web: Social media visits over the last 8 weeks

Why do we need to pay attention to this trend? Because social media can provide community and business value in equal measures… when it’s used well.

In the current conditions, consumers are craving inspiration and escapism. It’s important to be there for your customers and nurture your relationships.

How well equipped have you been to adapt your communications and strengthen customer relationships throughout the pandemic? How will your social media strategy support your business the next time the unexpected arises?

In our most recent webinar, you will learn how to future proof your brand with social media. You will uncover:

  • The new and emerging social media platforms people are turning to
  • How to stay in touch with your customers with social listening
  • Competitor insight and industry analysis techniques to maintain relevance
  • How to adapt your communication style when your business needs to change direction quickly
  • How to communicate with your customers to build long term brand equity
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