September 15, 2017

4 Tips to make your Instagram brand stand out in a saturated market

Instagram, unlike other social media, has a certain visual charm to it which allows room for us to seamlessly implement subtle marketing campaigns and product placements that blend into the Instagram landscape. It has a high user rating with around 500 million users worldwide and 3 million of those users residing in Australia.

The keys to a successful Instagram feed are a clear vision and strategy, consistency, familiarity with your audience and a clear visual style. But if your competitors are all ticking the same boxes, what differentiates your brand from your competitors? In today’s saturated web market, how do you stand out?

Define your audience

This includes analysing your competitors within your market, and deciding where your product falls. Breaking down your competitors’ metrics will give you a better idea of what readers and consumers within your industry are interested in, so you can create your own material accordingly. This is where your digital marketing agency comes in handy. Part of their job is to have a deep understanding of your market and tailor your social media strategy accordingly.

Create, don’t copy

In this digitally saturated culture where it’s becoming more difficult in some ways for consumers to find what they need, word of mouth from trusted curators of content can go a long way. Anyone has the ability to repost an image, so by becoming a curator of content you are branding yourself as an expert and work towards growing an increasingly targeted following. Content curators attract organic engagement because they share highly targeted information to a group of devoted followers.

Be yourself, be your brand

What makes your brand different from the next one? The beauty of having an Instagram is being able to visually communicate who you are and what you’re all about to your targeted audience, as well as giving them an opportunity to connect with you and/or your brand. If you are authentic and passionate, people will resonate with that.

Be willing to put in the work

That means, from the moment the concept for a post is created, to the photo itself, all the way down to the caption. People generally only take a split second to decide whether to engage with your posts once on your page, so make it worth your while. This also means taking the time to engage with your followers. Although this can become time consuming, it will make you appear closer to your audience and make them appreciate your efforts.

In an increasingly saturated digital landscape, the challenges that come with capturing customer attention and creating customer journeys that convert are more prevalent than ever before. However, marketers who focus on knowing their audience, creating powerful, fresh content, will see greater success in achieving high-performance metrics in the long run.

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