Account Access

  • Note: You must be an admin to add a partner account.

    Go to

  • Open Business Manager Settings (found in the top left-hand burger menu, then in the far right-hand column).

  • Under Users in the left-hand column, click Partners.

  • Select the Partner to share assets with option and click the blue Add button.

  • Enter Alpha Digital’s Business ID – 931344273574016.

  • Assign assets to Alpha Digital, start by selecting the Page tab and setting Alpha Digital’s admin access to manage the page.

  • Repeat the previous step for the following asset types – Ad Account, Instagram Account (if applicable), Pixel and Catalogue.

Google Ads
  • Log into your existing Google Ads account. If you don’t have one, we can create one for you.

  • Locate your 10 digit customer ID. This should be just underneath the Google Ads logo on the top left of your page (when logged into your account) and usually looks like [Client xxx-xxx-xxxx].

  • Email this 10 digit number to your contact at Alpha Digital. We will submit a request via GA to access your account from our Management account.

  • You will receive a notification via your Ads account email. Log into your account and select Settings in the top right corner.

  • Select account settings on the left side menu. Under the Client Managers section simply click Accept Invitation to grant us access.

Google Analytics
  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account.

  • Select the Admin tab and navigate to the desired account/property/view.

  • In the Account users list, click User Management, then click the + sign

  • Click Add New Users and enter the email provided to you by Alpha Digital.

  • Set permissions as required:

    • If you are working with our solutions team and are not yet a customer, choose Read & Analyze at the view level.
    • If you are a new client, we will need you to select Edit at the account level in order to be able to set up the correct filters.

    If this is not desirable, select the highest level of permission you are comfortable with and we can send you more detailed instructions on how to configure Google Analytics optimally.

Google Search Console
  • Navigate to and log in.

  • Select the correct property from the “search property” drop down.

  • Select the settings of your web property.

  • Under Settings, select users and permissions.

  • Add the email address provided to you to your account.

  • Assign us as a Full user to enable access to all data and take some actions.

Google Tag Manager
  • Go to your Google Tag Manager account and select the Admin tab.

  • Under Account, select User Management and add the email address provided to you as a new user.

  • Set Account Permissions to Administrator.

  • Invite us to create new containers and modify user permissions (for accounts and containers).

    Note: You may optionally set individual permissions for each container that you would like us to have access to. We recommend giving us Publish level access at the individual level.

Google My Business (Single Location)
  • Sign in to your business listing through

  • Select Users on the left-hand menu to manage users.

  • Click the Add Users icon in the top right corner of the menu.

  • Enter the email address provided by Alpha Digital and set the permission level to Manager.

    When you are done, this will invite us to manage your Google My Business listing.

Google My Business (Grouped Location)
  • Sign in to your business listing through

  • Navigate to Manage locations.

  • Click the gear icon next to your location group.

  • Click manage users on the right-hand side then click Add Users.

  • Add Alpha Digital’s agency ID – 5704305714 and set the permission level to Manager.

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