Monash IVF

  • SEM

  • The Client

    Monash IVF has been a leading force in assisted reproductive technologies since the 70’s and offers the complete range of fertility treatments. All their services are delivered in a professional and caring environment by a team of specialists, scientists, nurses and counsellors who are all leaders in their field.

  • The Objective

    Primary Goals

    • Double lead volumes
    • Reduce CPA
    • Introduce a funnel based acquisition process

    Secondary Goals

    • Test different digital strategies and ad platforms to establish the effect on overall performance
    • Introduce more advanced reporting to understand the value of each touchpoint
  • The Challenge

    Monash IVF came to Alpha Digital after a new Monash Marketing Manager discovered their AdWords was dormant. In addition to this, a primary concern was account transparency, with brand and generic search term campaigns being mixed together.

    The secondary concern was the lack of records as to what had been trialled and tested in the past. There was no documentation of any digital strategies employed in the past, we could only see what was in the account and history.

  • The Solution

    Hyper granular structure – Matching user intent with scientifically worded specific ad text for every stage of the year long (on average) decision pathway

    Long term funnel – Develop a year long funnel based conversion strategy, using all available tools to target users with different levels of intent, throughout their year of research

    Knowledge Sharing – Complement search with strategies on other platforms & channels at specific stages of the user journey to progress visitors through the funnel seamlessly

    Landing Page Testing – Changing and split testing landing pages across the account to find the perfect landing design page for each stage of the journey

    Branding Experimentation – Exhaustive testing of display advertising and client side monitoring and analysis of offline enquiries to gain accurate insights GA could not provide

    Remarketing Restrictions – An alternative strategy to remarketing restrictions placed on medical advertising was achieved with 3rd parties

  • 68%

    Decrease in CPA

  • 253%

    Increase in Leads

  • 8.2%

    Conversion Rate up from 2%

The Result

We segmented Monash IVF’s Google Ads account from the outset. As a result, we were able to apply our data-driven approach to test and optimise every campaign. A fine-tuned sales funnel and refined keyword targeting allowed us to identify buyer triggers and sales trends that otherwise would have been missed. The insights and budget efficiencies have been key drivers of Monash IVF’s ongoing growth.

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