Matt Blatt

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  • The Client

    Matt Blatt is an omnichannel retailer that specialises in mid to high-end furniture. With over 30 years in the furniture trade, they are Australia’s go-to destination for interior design enthusiasts, DIY decorators, and lovers of premium furniture.

  • The Objective

    Increase in-store and online sales, and improve ROAS by utilising a previously under-utilised channel: Google Shopping.

  • The Challenge

    Previously, the client spent most of their digital marketing budget on Google Search, using generic search terms to drive in-store traffic. However, this strategy did not yield a sustainable online ROAS.

    Tracking – As with any omnichannel retailer there are substantial challenges with attributing a value to in-store sales. As a furniture retailer, this challenge is further amplified by the fact that the majority of their big-ticket sales are made in store. Tracking ROAS on these items is extremely difficult.

    Feed Quality – Due to the previous strategy neglecting shopping, the client did not have an optimised feed. The feed was being generated directly from the website & contained uncommon colours & product names reducing searchability.

    Data – The previous limited use of shopping in the account also meant we had little historical data to work with.

  • The Solution

    Feed Quality – Through a 3rd party, we optimised the feed with standardised colours & product names to increase searchability & reduce average CPC. Custom labels were implemented based on product value ranges & promotional products.

    Segmentation – We created a promotion-based campaign set to high-priority with increased bids to promote discounted products & drive more traffic to the website & in-store. We created campaigns segments by total product revenue instore & online.

    Bidding – An analysis of historical conversion data was pulled at different monthly intervals to determine the optimal lookback window. Based on the above analysis, a bidding strategy & campaign structure of business-wide (in-store & online) sales was created. This included increasing bids for higher value items, segmenting budgets to ensure highest selling products are shown over lower value items, & optimising bids for in-store revenue, store visits, & online revenue.

  • 122%

    Increase in Adwords Revenue

  • 307%

    Increase in Non-Brand Revenue

  • 283%

    Increase in Non-Brand ROAS

The Result

We married online and offline data to complete Matt Blatt’s sales funnel. Our campaigns significantly increased return on advertising spend and were nominated for the Google Shopping Innovation Award 2018.

The merging of data enabled us to increase the searchability of Matt Blatt’s products. While their creative and quirky names work well from an in-store branding perspective, they didn’t translate well for online search. By adding specific keywords and highly searchable data into their product feeds, we were able to place their products in front of high intent, online customers.

Using data, we built informed Google Shopping campaigns that converted online interest to in store sales.

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