• Analytics
  • CRO
  • SEO

  • The Client

    Australian company, DUSK holds a rich history as Australia’s premium candle retailer. Over 18 years, DUSK has grown to become one of Australia’s largest omni-channel retailers with over 100 stores and is a household name for candles, home fragrances, and giftware.

  • The Objective

    Increase online sales while simultaneously improving online to offline results

  • The Challenge

    Dusk had never done SEO before working with Alpha Digital. Several new players began to gain organic market share on the more established brand.

    Before working with us, some conversion rate optimisation work was executed. This analytical, rather than executional approach meant that the conversion rate needed a boost. The final challenge was that the website produced a significant amount of search data that can be difficult to discern. We used our data-led approach to do the right work first, which generated the following strategy.

  • The Solution

    Data-led optimisation – Our data-led approach was essential because we were able to find opportunities that competitors simply couldn’t. By using business intelligence tools we organised the large amount of data to get greater clarity. Search, user behaviour, and search volume data was blended into dashboads. These identified what needed to be improved and what the approximate dollar figure would before each opportunity.

    Click-through-rate optimisation – With strong positions in a number of key search terms, we knew that gaining more clicks from existing keyword positions would yield fast results. We improved click through rates by improving clarity of SERP listings and adding USPs more prominently.

    Website structure and page optimisation – Using analytics data we were able to identify where pages should be built, combined, split, renamed and removed. By finding cannibalised pages, poor keyword-to-page matches, and several other reports we were able to make fast, informed decisions on website changes. Doing this quickly payed immediate dividends.

    Usability high priority improvements – User experience analysis identified several areas for improvement on the website. By utilising screen recordings, frustration tracking, and user behaviour flow mapping, we prioritised the right work first. This generated the fast results that we’ve seen so far.

  • +32%

    Increased revenue from -12% to

  • 23%

    Month-on-month organic revenue increased

  • 23%

    eCommerce conversion rate increase

The Result

Many online retailers have a wealth of data but are lacking in insights. By using business intelligence tools to consolidate the data, we were able to find major opportunities for growth in dusk’s online presence and website experience.

By consulting the data, we quickly identified the low hanging fruit and devised informed SEO and CRO strategies with real cut through.

Business intelligence helped us to identify where dusk could capture more search engine real estate and funnel more sales through their website. We gained insights into the online customer experience that otherwise would have been missed.

Our quick revenue wins showed the power of complementary SEO and CRO strategies.

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