• SEM

  • The Client

    DISSH is a women’s fast fashion label based in Brisbane. After launching in 2011, the family business quickly outgrew their home office. Their trend driven designs consistently appeal to the youth market and they have expanded to 11 Australian stores and an online boutique shipping worldwide.

  • The Objective

    1. Increase online sales and support business expansion.
    2. Optimise an underperforming Google Shopping platform.
  • The Challenge

    DISSH operates in the highly competitive fast fashion industry. Their stock has to move as fast as today’s trends, and their digitally native customers are becoming increasingly price sensitive. It’s never been easier to compare products online and more fast fashion competitors are rapidly entering the market.

    DISSH’s Google Shopping Platform had previously been under-utilised and they were bidding on generic, branded search terms. Their product feed was also generated directly from the website and contained uncommon product names. Therefore, we had minimal historic data and their ability to make sales from high intent Google search queries was limited.

  • The Solution

    Optimised Product Feed – We optimised their product feed to ensure that product titles were as specific as possible, containing standardised colours and sizing, as well as introducing more styles. This ultimately resulted in significantly higher visibility, increased quality, and reduced average CPC – making the campaigns more efficient. As the performance of Google Shopping improved, we were also able to identify high quality keywords that could be leveraged in their Google Ads campaigns.

    Leveraged High Performing Keywords – We took high performing keywords from DISSH’s Google Shopping platform and added them into their search campaigns. Therefore, we were able to create a highly targeted, granular campaign structure. By complementing branded search terms with specific, non-brand searches like ‘black leather jacket’ we dramatically increased sales through Google search.

    Top of Funnel Bidding– By placing competitive bids on generic search terms like ‘red dress online’, we increased DISSH’s visibility in the Google Search results. We started capturing customers who were searching for a trendy product, rather than DISSH as a brand. Complementing that with retargeting ads, brand awareness increased, and new customers were added to the top of the sales funnel which subsequently resulted in additional revenue online and instore.

  • 253%

    Overall Increase in Revenue

  • 867%

    Increase in Revenue from Google Shopping

  • 110%

    Overall Increase in Conversion Rate

The Result

We positioned Dissh as a key competitor in the fast fashion industry with Google Shopping.

By raising their visibility in Google, Dissh can now turn over stock more quickly and re-invest their cash flow into new designs. By opening up this additional sales channel, they can move through their product life cycle faster and avoid excess stock sitting in inventory.

With improved data input, Dissh is now well set up to feature in Google Shopping campaigns across devices. With their product listings appearing in Google search, they are better equipped to capture shoppers when they are exploring the latest fashion trends online.

The Dissh Google shopping campaign was an all-round win for both branding and sales.

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