Cars Brisbane

  • SEM

  • The Client

    Cars Brisbane is a car buyer based in Brisbane. Cars Brisbane purchases second hand cars from individuals and companies, and then sells these cars wholesale to dealers around Brisbane. The focus of their online presence is to generate ‘stock’ to on-sell to dealerships by encouraging users to submit their quote requests through a form on their website. They have earned a reputation for paying prices consistent with the true value of cars, and minimising stress from the selling process.

  • The Objective

    Alpha Digital’s objective was to find new and innovative ways to decrease CPA and continue to increase lead volumes, without increasing the advertising budget.

  • The Challenge

    The number of used cars being sold by individual consumers to professional car buyers is shrinking. This means that stock for companies like Cars Brisbane to purchase and then on-sell is become increasingly scarce. Competition is therefore increasing amongst Cars Brisbane and its rivals, forcing up CPCs as previously absent competitors begin advertising online, and incumbents bid more aggressively to maintain market share. Consequently, the quantity of leads was lower and each lead more expensive than ever before. We needed to work quickly to ensure the survival of the business. 

  • The Solution

    As we have been working with this client for several years, the account had already been created per our best-practice with a hyper granular structure and was well segmented. Therefore, we had to implement creative strategies to improve campaign efficiency and ROI.

    Segmentation – We segmented the campaigns into ‘high-cost’ and ‘low-cost’ keywords to maximise the limited budget. This allowed us to control the spend ensuring the campaigns with the highest traffic and lowest CPA were receiving the lion’s share of the budget.

    Bidding – We implemented AdWords target CPA bidding to allow the AI to utilise different touch points to ensure we are paying the right amount per click while in market. We then introduced all possible audience targeting options along with locations – segmented at a suburb level – for the client’s target location. This allowed the AI to utilise as many data points as possible to help reduce CPA. Over time, we gradually reduced the CPA target within the budget to increase leads and conversion rates. Additionally, we introduced more conversion types to ensure we are tracking all positive actions.

  • 37%

    Cost Per Lead Decreased By

  • 30%

    Conversion Rate Increased By

  • 36%

    Lead Volumes Increased By

The Result

Our work with Cars Brisbane tells a story of efficiency. The account foundations were set correctly, then machine learning was used to move the account from manual management to full automation. Despite the intense industry competition, we drove quality leads for Cars Brisbane at a reduced cost, while also being nominated for Google’s Search Innovation Award.

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